Case Study

VUMI Bangladesh LTD

Service Provided: LMS Solution

VUMI Bangladesh Ltd is an online learning platform that aims to empower individuals from all corners of the country with the skills needed in the competitive job market. Founded in 2021, VUMI received its pre-seed funding from the iDEA Project of the ICT Division and gained support from industry experts and nation builders who shared the vision and ideology of VUMI. The platform’s primary goal is to offer learners access to top-notch academic professionals and industry experts, providing live training sessions and certified courses on sought-after modern-day skills.


VUMI Bangladesh Ltd faced the challenge of building a comprehensive learning platform that would allow learners to enrol in courses, participate in quizzes, and receive certifications. Additionally, an efficient admin panel was required to manage and maintain courses effectively. The platform needed to incorporate various features such as course configuration, detailed course categorizations, student profile management, automated attendance systems, online exams, certificates, payment facilities, and more. Ensuring user authentication and data security were also crucial aspects of the platform’s development.


To address these challenges, VUMI partnered with Brain Station 23, a leading technology company, to develop an innovative edtech platform. Brain Station 23 designed and implemented a user-friendly web application where learners could easily access and enrol in courses. The platform featured interactive course views with various resources, live classes, exams, and certifications. On the other hand, the admin panel facilitated course creation, management, and data analysis.


The collaboration with Brain Station 23 resulted in a transformative impact on VUMI’s online learning platform:

Effective Learning: Interactive course views and quizzes enabled learners to absorb knowledge more effectively.

Learning Evaluation: Quizzes allowed learners to evaluate their understanding of the material.

Efficient Course Management: The admin panel made it easy for course creators and administrators to maintain courses efficiently.

Data-Driven Decisions: Robust report generation empowered the administration to make informed decisions.

Increased Accessibility: Learners from all over the country could access top-notch academic professionals and industry experts.

Competitive Advantage: Learners gained sought-after modern-day skills, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.



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