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Face makeup refers to a subset of cosmetics that are applied for concealing imperfections of the facial skin including pores, dark spots, wrinkles, freckles and blemishes. The value of the global face makeup market was worth US$ 42.7 Billion in 2020. The continuous trend of growth in this industry can be easily realized in the upcoming years as well. Constant product innovations by manufacturers coupled with aggressive promotions have contributed to the growth of the market.


  1. Realistic AR makeup trials for instant, customizable previews.
  2. Cost-effective testing reduces the need for physical testers.
  3. Visual decision support empowers customers with informed choices.


Customers have become more conscious and knowledgeable about the makeup and cosmetics they use recent years. They prefer to have a proper visualization before buying any product. It’s difficult for customers to choose the best shade suitable for their skin tone. Customers prefer having a comparison between products

Businesses are being significantly impacted by physical retail store closures due to the pandemic. Testing the make-up products manually is not possible while buying products online. Even in a physical shop, keeping a tester for each product is very cost consuming. The influence of social media and the emerging trend of the selfie has led to an increase in the interest of consumers for face makeup products, particularly amongst the young population.


  • Virtual Makeup is an augmented reality-based solution that offers to apply makeup kits.

  • There are multiple ways available for the customers. User can use the preset images of models or can upload their images as well. Besides, they can just turn on the camera of their device and try virtual makeup instantly.
  • The systems mainly contain the makeup kits related to lips, face and eye. Our advanced deep learning feature can detect the individual face parts instantly. After selecting a product and respective shade, the user can view how the makeup kit will look on her face. AR technology can recognize moving faces and can directly present makeup effects realistically making users look more energetic.

  • Customers can apply multiple makeup kits at a time which offer them an overview of their wishlist products. User can save the image for future references as well.


  • Realistic Makeup Previews: Users can visualize how makeup products will look on their face, aiding in confident purchasing decisions.

  • Customization and Convenience: Customers can instantly try different makeup looks using their own photos or presets.

  • Cost Savings: Virtual testing reduces the need for physical testers in stores, saving businesses money.

  • Informed Choices: Proper visualization enables customers to make quicker and more informed decisions about makeup products.


  • Increased Customer Confidence: Realistic previews lead to more confident purchases, boosting sales.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Virtual makeup trials provide convenience and personalization.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Businesses save on testing materials, making operations more economical.

  • Faster Decision-Making: Visual aids help customers make informed choices, streamlining the buying process.

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