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Viquia Memory Game

Service Provided: Game Development

About The Game

Viquia is the first customer data platform that enables pharmaceutical enterprises to market their products in a targeted and compliant manner, but also understand their customers as HCPs and HCOs much better and provide personalized content and offers at the right time of the customer journey. Viquia was developed for regulatory markets by Life Science specialists to enable the specifics of these industries. The platform is unique and provides, in addition to the standard Customer Data Platform (CDP) functionalities, the specific features for regulated markets such as pharmaceuticals.


The customer data platform intended to catch the user’s attention and encourage them to interact with Viquia, and have fun at the same time. To meet this expectation our main challenges were to relate the existing platform with the game and keep the users fully engaged with the game throughout the whole gameplay.


Memory games can improve visual recognition. Viquia shows hidden connections between health care professionals and enables its user to exercise memory. The player can see 48 cards face down on the screen, arranged in a 4X12 grid. If the player reveals any card, then the duplicate cards are revealed automatically. After three seconds, all the cards are automatically turned face down again. The player’s task is to uncover the previously revealed cards himself. Only completely revealed groups of cards are included in the scoring. So, if a player reveals 2 matching cards before revealing a wrong one, these two points are forfeited. As soon as a player reveals any wrong card, the game is over.


This memory game intends to promote Viquia customer data platform so that users keep the brand’s name in their minds for a long time after having a fun experience playing the game. Also, the HCP avatars used in the game help the users to correlate between the game and the customer data platform. This type of engaging and easy-to-play game can be a good way of reaching new users and hopefully converting them into customers for Viquia.

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