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Violent Object Detector

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The rise of criminal activities, their unexpectedness, and the scope of harm inflicted made businesses, government and law enforcement agencies motivated to use comprehensive surveillance systems also known as AI powered Violent Object Detector to identify dangerous environments and respond effectively to violent interactions. 


The lack of a violent object detector makes it difficult to identify signs or potential attackers in busy environments. This is especially true in busy environments where there are numerous people moving around. Additionally, managing home security devices that are connected to the internet can be complicated if there is no way to detect violent objects or persons. Internet of Things (IoT) devices have the potential to make homes more secure, but without a detector, they may not be as effective.


With the ever-growing availability of surveillance cameras, there is an increasing need for technology that can automatically detect potentially violent objects. Our team has developed a violent object detector that is able to identify guns, knives, and other sharp objects in real-time.

This violent object detector is designed to automate this process by using artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately identify objects that could be used to harm others. The system is also equipped with a set of tools for managing home IoT devices, so that users can remotely disable or enable devices as needed.

We have developed an eco-system consisting of home assistants and frigate. Frigate has been used for surveillance while “home assistant” connects and manages home appliance IOT device. Together, they provide a secure way to manage and monitor homes. Frigate is built around real-time AI object detection, meaning that all processing is performed locally on individual’s own hardware. Frigate tracks objects in real-time and can determine the exact moment of potential threat. For example, when an outside surveillance camera detects violence, it will automatically lock the door and alert the owner. This ensures that the camera feeds are always present, and that potential threats can be detected in real-time.

The new detector is designed to more accurately identify potential threats by using pose estimation to consider the position of people and objects in space. This makes it ideal for use in more challenging environments, such as crowded spaces or outdoor areas. In addition, the solution uses facial-recognition and license plate recognition to identify suspicious people. By considering a range of factors, the detector can provide a more comprehensive assessment of possible threats. As a result, it can play an important role in protecting people and property.


In response to the rise in criminal activities, many businesses, government agencies, and law enforcement organizations have turned to AI-powered violent object detectors to help identify dangerous environments and respond effectively to violent interactions. By using these detectors, agencies can quickly identify potential threats and take steps to mitigate them before they result in serious harm. In addition, these systems can also help to investigate crimes after they have occurred, providing valuable information that can be used to solve cases.



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