UAE Pro League: Activation Campaign


Recently we had the opportunity to be a part of the UAE Pro League also known as ADNOC Pro League. A marketing agency in charge of the event reached out to us struggling with one major problem — Making their booths more attractive & engaging. 

Brain Station lined up their finest to devise a plan that will get their event engagement they desire. This case study will capture that story and describe to you how the problem emerged and how the solution perfectly tackles that problem. 

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Case Highlights

  1. Introducing Motion Tracking Footballer and Virtual Try On Jersey.
  2. Blazing fan enthusiasm with immersive XR experiences.
  3. Enhancing event engagement and gathering precise consumer data.

Client Background

Our client, a marketing agency of UAE, organizes various events. Their project was to create an activation campaign at the Global Village regarding the UAE Pro League. This time, they wanted to increase user engagement and their marketing strategy with data collection at the event. The event lasted for 2 days.

Problems Presented

Our clients presented us with numerous problems regarding the activation campaign. We were given a short period of time to generate ideas for the activation campaign and provide viable solutions to fix it. Here are the problems that our clients wanted to solve: 

  • Fan Engagement: The client faced significant challenges with low engagement at their event booths. Attendees were not sufficiently captivated by their offerings, leading to weak/scattered participation. Increasing engagement was their primary focus.

  • Data Collection Issue: The client struggled to gain insights into attendee behavior and preferences without any base for data collection. This hindered their ability to tailor marketing strategies effectively and optimize the event experience.

  • Friendly Competition: Our client found it difficult to create friendly competition among visitors at their events. Our AR/VR solution aimed to address this challenge by providing engaging, interactive experiences that encouraged participation and competition in a fun and immersive way.

  • Social Media Buzz: Our client’s wanted to increase the event’s social media engagement which would create awareness. But as there was no interactive material to look forward to, social media had no engagement.

Solution Suggested

Understanding the client’s desire, we engineered immersive solutions that addressed their specific pain points. We presented various solutions to our clients and they selected 2 immersive activities from many.

1. Motion Tracking Virtual Footballer: AI Based Motion Football Game.

Desired Outcome: Immerse fans in the competition, blazing a deep connection with the sport and the brand.

Our Solution: We introduced Motion Tracking Virtual Footballer, an AR football game, that allowed fans to interact with a virtual footballer from a virtual world. Play a game with a virtual footballer that tracks users motion to give you an exciting experience. 

Key Attractions:

→ AR Photo Booth 📸
→ Motion Tracking 🏃
→ Timed Challenge ⏲️
       → Fun Interactive Game 🎮
       → Score Tracker ⚽

2. UPL AR Jersey Powered by Try-On +

Desired Outcome: With a desire to increase engagement  and forge deeper connections between teams & fans, we wanted to enable attendees to visualize themselves in their favorite team’s jerseys.

Our Solution: UPL AR Jersey Powered by Try-On +, an AR application that allows fans to virtually try on their beloved team’s jerseys. This enabled the fans to connect with their team and share it across social platforms with pride. 

Key Attractions:

→ AR Photo Booth 📸
→ Try On 👕
→ Photo Capture ⏲️
       → Hand Gesture Control 👋
       → Social Sharing 📲

3. Data Collection

As a primary task was to collect data for our clients, we gathered information from each solution as they participated.  

Motion Tracking Footballer: While selecting their favorite team, they submitted their Name, Email, Age and Favorite Team. They can then play with the virtual footballer who comes up with the jersey of the participant’s favorite team. We used this information to create the leaderboard in the game as well as store it for remarketing purposes. 

Virtual Try-on Jersey: After trying on the virtual jersey, participants can capture themselves in our photo booth. A QR-code is generated to take participants to a form where they can input their information (Name & Email) as well as download the picture. The image is also sent to the participant via email.


As the final whistle blew, the scoreboard painted a picture of resounding success. Here is a glimpse of the aftermath we gathered in 2 days:-

Total User Engagements: A grand total of 317 fans were swept away by the allure of our immersive experiences in just 2 days, driving unprecedented foot traffic and event engagement.

AR Photograph Engagements: In 2 days, 255 fans immortalized their support for their favorite teams, wearing virtual jerseys with pride and excitement.

Motion Tracking Football Engagements: In 2 days, 62 fans experienced the thrill of the game firsthand, showcasing their skills and connecting with the sport in ways they had never imagined.

Technologies Used


Mixing innovation, creativity, and client-centricity, we created a new scope for getting engagement and enthusiasm in the UAE Pro League. 

We proudly presented two captivating solutions to a pressing problem using technology. We  believe that the power of technology can elevate us and our clients to new heights. Our solutions satisfied our client and alleviated their problems nicely. 

If you are interested in creating such immersive activation campaigns, contact us.

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