Transforming the Car-Buying Experience with Augmented Reality at Toyota​


Toyota Motor Corporation, a prestigious Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan, has long been a global leader in the automotive industry. In 2017, boasting a vast workforce of over 364,000 employees worldwide, Toyota stood among the world’s largest companies by revenue, a position it maintained through September 2018.


  1. Customize and visualize your dream car with AR
  2. Explore cars limitlessly through augmented reality (AR)


The Challenges that Toyota faced are: 

Challenge 1: Limited Personalization Options 

Toyota struggled to provide customers with the level of personalization they desired. Customers increasingly wanted the ability to customize and tailor their vehicles to match their unique preferences. The existing options were limited, leading to dissatisfaction among potential buyers. 

Challenge 2: Limited Sensory Engagement 

One of the key challenges faced was bridging the gap in the sensory engagement customers typically seek during the car-buying process. In traditional settings, the ability to get an up-close and personal understanding of the vehicle’s interior and overall ergonomics is crucial. However, the showroom experience offered by Toyota was not fully equipped to meet this aspect of customer expectation, which often led to hesitation in the decision-making process.

Challenge 3: Display Showrooms Space Constraints Hamper Customer Satisfaction

Physical showroom space was a significant limitation. Toyota’s extensive lineup of cars couldn’t be adequately displayed due to space constraints. This limited customers’ ability to explore the full range of available models and configurations, hindering their ability to make well-informed decisions.  

Challenge 4: Complexity in Customization

The complexity of presenting numerous customized car options in various colors posed a significant challenge. Toyota found it difficult to streamline this process, leading to confusion among customers who found it overwhelming to understand the multitude of choices available to them. 


To overcome this formidable challenge, a groundbreaking solution was devised by Brainstation23—an Augmented Reality Mobile App was designed to change the way people buy cars. It gives users a digital look at Toyota’s cars, including features like: 

Simplified Personalization through Real-time Augmentation: Brain Station 23 developed an innovative AR mobile application that revolutionized the car-buying journey for Toyota customers. This app allowed customers to start with a base model and seamlessly personalize their vehicles. Through a user-friendly interface, customers could explore upgrades, select colors, and customize their dream cars effortlessly. 

Real-world Visualization: The introduction of AR mode in the app-enabled customers to visualize their customized vehicles in real-world proportions. This immersive experience simplified the decision-making process by providing customers with a tangible sense of scale. Customers could now confidently assess their chosen cars, ensuring they aligned perfectly with their preferences. 

Enhanced Information Accessibility: The AR mobile app provides interactive accessibility to information about all car parts. Customers could learn about the features, specifications, and upgrades in real-time, empowering them with comprehensive knowledge to make informed decisions. 

Simplified Car Customization Process: The app allowed real-time augmentation of cars, including changing car colors and wheel customization in real-time. The smooth graphics ensured a seamless customization experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and simplifying the customization process. 

Comprehensive Feature Visualization through High-Quality Videos: The app’s integration of high-quality, real-time videos provided comprehensive insights into Toyota’s vehicles. 

  • These videos brought cars to life, showcasing intricate details and features with clarity. It was like having a personal car showcase at one’s fingertips. 
  • Customers received a complete understanding of what they were purchasing. The features of the cars were no longer just text in a brochure but were vividly demonstrated, enhancing customer understanding and engagement with the product. 

Multilingual Support and Quick Access: Multilingual support within the app catered to a diverse customer base, making the car-buying experience personalized for customers around the world. Virtual buttons provided quick access to information, streamlining the navigation process and ensuring customers could effortlessly access the details they needed. 

Key Features and Development:  

The AR mobile app incorporated cutting-edge features:  

  • Real-time Augmentation of Cars 
  • Interactive Information Accessibility for All Car Parts 
  • Real-size AR Visualization of Cars in the Real World 
  • Real-time Video Information 
  • Smooth Graphics for Changing Car Colors 
  • Multilingual Support for Information 
  • Real-time Wheel Customization 
  • Virtual Buttons for Quick Access to Information 

The development of this Augmented Reality Mobile App was driven by the mission to elevate the car-buying experience, empowering customers to customize and visualize their dream Toyota cars in an entirely novel way. 


The introduction of the Augmented Reality mobile app yielded various benefits: 

Enhanced Customer Experience & engagement: Empowered customers to make informed decisions with confidence by providing a personalized, interactive, and visually immersive experience. Customers were now deeply involved in the car customization process, leading to increased interest and enthusiasm. 

Streamlined Car-Buying Process: Toyota’s AR app transformed the car selection process, offering an intuitive and seamless experience that improved customer satisfaction and noticeably increased sales, reflecting the ease with which customers could now explore and personalize their options. 

Technological Leadership: By integrating AR, Toyota showcased its role as a tech pioneer in the automotive sector, leading with an inventive approach that enhanced the buying experience and set a new industry standard for digital engagement. 


The Augmented Reality mobile app exceeded our expectations. Here’s a glimpse of the aftermath: 

Boosted Customer Satisfaction 

Customers of Toyota reported greater happiness after using the AR app. They could visualize cars in real life, customize features, and make choices without pressure. This level of interactive shopping made them feel more connected and satisfied with the Toyota brand. 

Rise in Sales and Conversion Rates 

Toyota’s sales figures climbed significantly. The AR app made it easier for customers to choose and buy cars, leading to more people completing their purchases. The ability to see and customize cars in AR before buying helped customers commit to a purchase, which in turn raised the company’s profits. 

Increased Market Competitiveness 

Toyota gained a stronger position against rivals in the car market. The AR app set Toyota apart, offering a tech-savvy, innovative shopping experience. Competitors now have to catch up to this new standard that Toyota has set. 

 Positive Brand Image 

Toyota’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction through the AR mobile app enhanced its brand image. Customers perceived Toyota as a forward-thinking company that prioritized customer needs, strengthening brand loyalty and market positioning. 

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