Top Technology Skills You Need to Have in 2022

We use technology more than ever these days to stay connected to our friends and family, get up-to-date on the latest and greatest happenings in our world and sometimes just to pass the time. But is the boundary of technology this narrow?

Technology is always evolving, and job seekers in the tech industry will need to keep up with the latest in-demand tech skills if they want to succeed. You’ll need to be aware of the latest skills and find ways to expose yourself to them if you want to succeed in the tech industry. The best way to learn these skills is by getting hands-on, practical experience. 

It may happen that the company you work in isn’t giving you those opportunities. you should consider going to a company that does. Recruiters and hiring managers are always on the hunt for ideal candidates with just the right mix of tech-savvy, experience, and soft skills to give their organizations a competitive advantage. For example, Brain Station 23, a top software company in Bangladesh regularly arranges in-house training sessions for the employees who are keen to learn new technologies.  It turns out that most of the professionals are keenly interested in learning new skills. But here’s the challenge. All technology skills are not created equal. There are hundreds of technological skills. 

According to research by Indeed, U.S. English-language jobs posted on the site between September 2014 and September 2019; those postings encompassed 571 tech skills. 

As the new year approaches, now might be a great time to reflect on the latest trends in the industry and see what skills you may need to learn to advance your career in 2019.


The tech industry offers some of the highest-paying opportunities in the country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in US, the median annual wage for a worker in high-tech industries (sectors with high concentrations of workers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics occupations) is about $70,230. The median annual wage for workers outside of tech is closer to $34,800. Where as in Bangladesh, Generaly annual wage for a worker in high-tech industries is about $35,000 and for workers outside of tech is closer to $17,000. One reason tech wages remain so high is the result of a skills gap, in which the lower supply of workers with tech skills does not meet the higher demand from employers.

Anyone can learn top technology skills very easily from different online platforms and can prepare themselves to fill the gaps of high tech experts. Here is a list of online platforms which can help to learn the skills starting from a beginner to advance level. 


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