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Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is shaping the world we live in, impacting daily routines, creating a need for new skills, and enabling more informed decision making with real-time features. With this rapid adoption of reality technologies, Bangladesh is also grasping this technology pretty well for different aspires. Understanding the future demand and business potential of reality technologies, many Bangladeshi software development companies are focusing on developing AR VR products and services.

What is AR VR?

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) refers to computer-generated simulations that integrate the real world (AR) or are entirely self-contained (VR). AR applications let you move around in the real world. With VR, you have to remain in the same location because you cannot see your surroundings.

Industries adopting AR VR worldwide

At present varieties of  industries are adopting AR and VR technologies, which is a testament to the potential these systems hold. The possibilities for implementing AR or VR technologies are near endless, as the technology provides creative and innovative ways to evolve a business. Let’s take a look at some current AR and VR implementation in different industries.


1. Education

The world of academe is evolving with digital transformation trends as curriculum adapts using technologies like AR/VR to reshape curriculum. VR and AR-based apps for education combine digital technologies and aid learning; improving the educational process and allow students to acquire information visually.This a solid base to improve the education process with the help of technologies. 


Without having to step out of the classroom or even their home, students can experience completely new and dynamic learning environments. And by using virtual labs teachers teach subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology- which keeps students engaged but also allows them to practice before they can test the experiments firsthand in real laboratories.


2. Healthcare

Educating and learning in the medical field through virtual technology delivers on-demand information with AR and VR as a new platform. This technology is also enhancing patient care and training and knowledge transfer in healthcare. With the help of VR, patients were able to be cured of phobias, autism, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and cases of severe pain. VR is also used for body mapping for patients, allowing to visualize the problem and assess the patient accordingly with live stats. 


And AR is used for precision diagnostics, leading to better risk assessments. Surgeries also have become more accurate and effective with help of AR and VR technologies. 


3. Air and space

Aircraft technicians will use AR to find and fix problems with a tablet or headset with innovations in IoT innovations. VR opens the door to flight simulation and experiences used in industry and interactive scenarios for museum-visitors. Both pilot and ground-crew training is now done through reality based technologies. 


AR is also going to be used for aircraft guidance. AR and VR based technologies usage in this industry does not stop there, as now reality based technologies are also used for in-flight entertainment.


4. Travel

By using AR/VR to create unique experiences to complement the physical realm with digital ingenuity, agencies, travelers and the whole hospitality industry itself are benefiting greatly. Some apps have augmented and virtual reality features, like for city maps and travel suggestions. This aids in navigating foreign lands and sometimes adds to the experience with historical reconstruction.


5. Journalism

AR has brought a sense of realism to how journalists bring the latest news to the public, as news agencies can now deliver news in a digital format that gives the sense of a real-life experience without leaving home. You just have to scan the news by your dedicated AR mobile app and the news will appear in a 3D format in a more lively way. 


6. Marketing

AR and VR have become the new phenomena in different industries, so there is no surprise that many companies are leveraging technology to capture people’s attention in unique ways. VR is also being used for many helpful and hypothetical scenarios in marketing. 


7. Real estate

AR and VR technologies are being used to bring a new level of luxury interaction between realtors and customers in the real estate industry. As a result traditional showing, touring, and closing deals are being revamped in this industry in many ways.  


8. Automotive

AR is improving the way vehicles are being built when it comes to manufacturing in the automotive industry. Training, maintenance, repair, and the sales and marketing side of the industry are also being enhanced by AR. Similarly, VR is used for prototyping and setting up virtual showrooms. 


9. Skilled trades

AR is closing the skills gap and preparing the future workforce to fill positions in various fields; improving recruitment, training, and retainment in trades. Employers are using AR and VR to educate employees to build the next generation of the workforce. 


10. Retail

AR and VR innovations have drastically changed shopping culture over the past few years. Customers now have the ability to shop and view the items they’re interested in purchasing using AR/VR applications. AR is a great product lifecycle management tool (PLM) for retailers that helps them from beginning to end of production.

Learning, incorporating, and producing assets with AR/VR technologies will be beneficial in building a sustainable career path. Students exploring career options should consider looking into the industries needing AR- and VR-related roles and learn about the different ways of being implemented. Not only are these roles exciting and plentiful, but they are also lucrative, some with salaries averaging as much as $155K per year according to a research from 2018!!

Tools most popular for AR VR development

Here is an overview of the best tools for augmented reality & Virtual Reality development.

Global industry insights regarding the usage of AR VR Technology

Although the adoption rate for AR/VR devices is relatively low when compared to other consumer electronics, many of the world’s biggest tech companies see the promise of AR/VR technology and have begun to allocate significant R&D budgets to develop it. 

The Augmented Reality Market Forecast is Expected to Hit $70-$75 billion in Revenue by 2023


FRAMINGHAM, Mass., November 27, 2019 – Worldwide spending on augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) is forecast to be $18.8 billion in 2020, an increase of 78.5% over the $10.5 billion International Data Corporation (IDC) expects will be spent in 2019. The latest update to IDC’s Worldwide Augmented and Virtual Reality Spending Guide also shows that worldwide spending on AR/VR products and services will continue this strong growth throughout the 2019-2023 forecast period, achieving a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 77.0%.

Bangladeshi industry insights regarding the usage of AR VR Technology

Meanwhile, Bangladesh emerges as a distinctive digital hub for emerging technologies and AR VR has a promising future ahead. Having a large population that includes 80 million people younger than 25 years old and most of them digitally savvy makes it easy for implementing AR VR technology in different sectors. Like, the retail industry is adopting AR VR for their marketing activation campaign, service industry has already approached serving their clients virtually through AR VR application, real-estate industry take their business to the next level by giving their clients a real-time experience through AR VR mobile apps. With significant government-led initiatives, including the Digital Bangladesh program, many Bangladeshi software companies are already working with AR VR technology. 

By the enhancement of the internet, we already know how far this AR VR technology can lead the world and now we are also ready to see the advancement of this technology in our daily lives. Industries like home decor, entertainment, gaming, furniture, real estate, etc are implementing AR technology to their business to give a more realistic feel to their clients. And many of the Bangladeshi software development companies are also co-operating to make these ideas into real-time applications. 

Thus VR gadgets like Oculus Rift, Oculus go, HTC Hive, PlayStation VR are quite expensive to afford for general people, the scope of working with VR applications is still limited in the context of Bangladesh’s economy. But the young generation of Bangladesh seems quite interested to witness much more of this technology due to Xbox and other VR games. 

Though some of the best software development companies in Bangladesh are already working with VR for foreign clients. So the day is not far when VR applications will take place in various industries of Bangladesh. 

Bangladeshi young engineers’ enthusiasm with AR VR Development

AR VR technology has grown and spread its outreach, introducing new innovations in the fields of imagination and gaming as well as other regions. 

In 2016, the Bangladesh gaming community got to know the AR technology from the hit game named- PokemonGo where players had to catch pokemon with the help of AR technology integrated into the game. This was the first viral encounter of this technology in Bangladesh. 

In 2017, at the Digital World 2017 (the biggest IT expedition of Bangladesh) arranged a seminar on AR/VR which was named “Augmented and Virtual Reality: Present and Future” in the presence of the heads of companies working on AR and VR. The key motive of this seminar was to share the basic knowledge about AR/VR and the opportunities in this field. 

In March 2018, IEEE AIUB Student Branch organized a seminar on “Past, Present and Future of AR & VR” where key persons from the tech industry delivered their insights on AR VR technologies. This shows that young engineers are very much keen on this technology.

So we can see that our youngsters have set off with the right foot into this technology. 

Top AR VR solution Providers in Bangladesh

  1. Brain Station 23 
  2. Dreamerz Lab
  3. Battery Low interactive
  4. Rise Up Labs
  5. Datasoft
  6. Techno Magic
  7. KAZ Software

Career opportunities for AR VR developers in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi tech industry is penetrating into the AR VR market gradually creating a whole new opportunity for the young generation interested in this technology. Already top software development companies are working with this technology drawing a remarkable trail for more companies to follow. So it is just a matter of time that AR VR development will lead as one of the top demanding jobs in any Bangladeshi job portal. 

Besides, many foreign companies are choosing Bangladesh as one of the top destinations for IT outsourcing. So, if not much opportunity from Bangladeshi clients but a vast favourable work circumstances from the foreign clients. 

Additionally, game development companies are also booming creating a more rational demand for AR VR developers. So there is only a upway graph we can predict for the future of AR VR developers of our country. 

Anyone interested in this technology can find all necessary assets like tutorials on youtube, online training portals (example: Coursera,, etc) and other learning materials on the internet. Some of them are free and for some, one has to spend credits. Moreover, there are so many hackathons going on from time to time arranged by the university students. Joining those hackathons can also help one to adapt this technology well.

Brain Station’s AR VR work portfolio

Brain Station 23 has made commendable progress in implementing technologies in solving real-life discrepancies. It has been working globally to give a practical platform to concepts and ideas that had previously seemed fictional and implausible. 


We have developed platform-independent AR, VR, & MR applications for your respective industry in mind. Our solutions are based on realistic business analysis- to reinvent our clients company showcase and enhance the customer experience. Through our AR & VR solutions, any business can establish the virtual existence of their products for better customer engagement.We have our dedicated team of AI experts, who have tackled numerous projects over the years. See the journey of our AI expertise in this video.

Our first client was Nissan. We have developed an augmented experience to spec up any models their clients are interested in buying. This in turn, has raised the customer engagement for the automobile manufacturer. 

Another example is Furniture 23 AR mobile app that changes the in-store customer experience. Any furniture manufacturer using Furniture 23 app, can have this installed in a handheld or mobile device in each of their outlets. Customers visiting the store could use this to virtually try on the sampled furniture, make customization and also share the interior ideas with friends and families right away while sitting in the stores. The comparison and buying decision thus comes easier to the potential customers. The app can also create AR experiences with window displays, in-store signage, and promotional videos, interior ideas.

Reality 23 is another AR application targeted for the real-estate industry. By this application, real estate companies can project their product architecture, floor plan or 3D modeling using this app. This allows real estate agents, companies, brokers etc. to give tours of properties without being physically there. With this, more clientele will be able to get a more comprehensive experience and be able to engage with the customers more to increase sales.

Another one is Interior 23 targeted for the home decor industry where clients can decorate their home with 3D models of the products they want to buy for their home. Now customers can see what decor products do actually fit in their home accurately with this AR enabled solution.

Besides this, Brain Station 23 has made some AR VR games for entertainment purposes.  

Check out our offerings and services:

Brain station 23's Future Plan with AR VR Technology

Brain Station 23 has 5+ years of work experience with AR VR technology. With this experience, we want to explore new horizons of this technology knowing we have the best AR VR developers in our team, working with all the latest technology stacks. In our country, there are so many horizons unexplored by AR VR technology like the education sector, real-estate sector, travel agency business , retail business which we can take to an advanced level by opening up whole new opportunities. Additionally, with this confidence, we are outlining to work on a whole new idea which will amaze and influence the tech industry of Bangladesh to work more on this technology.

Besides, we have a plan to help the young generation interested in this technology. We want to be known as the best AR VR developing country in this region and which is impossible without training the youngsters. 


AR and VR technologies have brought the innovations and disruptions in the industry, which at one point in time was thought to be a gimmick only seen in the movies. As our lives are being more integrated to these technologies, this is still the beginning stages for reality based technologies. 

The market for AR & VR is untapped in Bangladesh resulting in huge opportunities, with a possible takeover within 10 years. The world is like a blank piece of paper and we are the ones to shape it.

Editorial Courtesy: Ayman Wasif 

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