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The Norwegian Short Film Festival

Service Provided: Online Streaming Platform

The Norwegian Short Film Festival is celebration of artistic media endeavors- from both Norway and creators from around the world. This is a festival that showcases short movies from Norwegian creators and creators around the world, as well as documentary, music videos, social events, industry program, and special programs. This festival has been hosted since 2007 and is backed by many renowned institutions of Norway. 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are forced to adopt digital approaches for their operations. And the organizer of this film festival has also faced this predicament. And they settled that the festival needs a robust streaming solution and online platform.   

So even after the recovery from the pandemic, the attendees have the choice of visiting the festival itself or taking part using online services. And security was a big concern as the film festival did not want their films and data to be accessed without any authorization.  

They faced problems when they held the film festival previously using WordPress, where the capabilities didn’t meet the organizer’s expectations. 


We developed an on-demand streaming platform for our clients, where people can watch movies by purchasing a subscription to the movie festival. Creators from all over the world will participate here with their exclusive creations, so the security of the films is one of our prime concerns.   

This festival showcases many short films and documentaries from around the world, and it is paramount the week the content safe, securing the longevity of both films and their creators.   

We utilized React for the front end and Django for the back end. This is to make it easier for the admin to manage the Digital Festival and improve the experience of the viewers to enjoy the movies. And for media protection, we used AWS S3 and CloudFront Functions to secure the contents. 


The Norwegian Short Film Festival now has a robust streaming service, where creators can safely host their short films and documentaries on a digital platform. And it is also a huge improvement for the attendees of the festival as the streaming services are on-demand, and they can view the works of their favorite creators or favorite movies at their leisure. This is also a benefit for the movie creators as they have a secure platform for their work to be showcased on.   

All in all, streaming services have helped the film festival reach a higher number of participations globally. And having a digital platform along with the actual film festival has broadened the horizons of the organization, as more creators and attendees can join from around the world! 



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