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Machine Learning for Beginners- PART 1

Machine learning has diverse practical applications that drive the kind of real business results, such as time and money savings, that have the potential to dramatically impact the future of any business. See more…


Blockchain: Genesis

In this era of modern communication and knowledge sharing, it’s almost not necessary to discuss how blockchain works. There is no need of reinventing the wheel. Rather let’s try to share a personal journey in blockchain technology. See more…


The Benefits Of ERP For Small Business

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been known to be the backbone of many corporate-scale businesses. This software is a key tool for managing the whole tasks of a business life cycle like production, order processing adapt, inventory management and much more. It also supervisor business resources between stakeholders.. Find more-


Business Preview: 3 Ways Reality Technologies is Transforming your Retail Business

Despite the rapid adoption of Reality Technologies, to most of the retail merchants, business impact of transformed sales and marketing process is quite fuzzy. We show you the three ways how Reality Technologies can leverage your business in all manners. It’s never late to prepare your business for the transformation.


Outsourcing in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the world’s fastest growing countries in IT industry right now. Our youths are the ones that changing the lifestyles and viewpoint


Innovating and Digitizing Insurance with Microservices

Insurance is a unique, process-oriented industry that poses a unique series of multifaceted challenges. To develop an effective Omni-channel Customer Experience, Brain Station 23 recommends to Integrate three primary technologies, Microservices Architecture, Containerization and Cloud Computing.