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e-Commerce in Bangladesh

E-commerce Technology: Future Scenario in Bangladesh

E-commerce technology is expected to become more popular with the passage of time since its popularity is growing every day. With the drastic increase in the usage of the internet, e-commerce is becoming a more mature sector in the Asian countries recently.


Business Intelligence for E-commerce

Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology that gathers, breaks down and introduces business data and enormous information.


A Basic Understanding of ETL Process

ETL is the process of gathering data from an unlimited number of sources, organizing it together, and centralizing it into a single repository to get the final business insight. Some people perform ETL through hand coding in SQL or Java, but there are tools available that simplify the process.


AWS Case Study: Video Campaign Site

Recently, we helped one of our clients (prominent marketing agency) to build the back-end system of their new campaign site where people can upload videos which is then approved by admins and finally people can stream those videos.


Why Enterprise Businesses Choose SAP?

SAP is so popular among enterprises because businesses can get an all-inclusive set of integrated, cross-functional dealing processes with it. Therefore global businesses of all sizes are biased toward selecting SAP for their businesses. Read more…


Machine Learning for Beginners- Part 2

Machine learning is the most trending topic in the information technology sector. This technology allows computers to access hidden insights and predict outcomes which leads to remarkable changes to businesses. In my last article, I tried to draw a basic outline of machine learning concept. In this article, I’ve discussed different types of machine learning techniques and some use cases as promised earlier.


Why Businesses Should Take Cloud Seriously?

Cloud is the ultimate solution for present and future businesses to scale & sustain in the long run. And the wise ones are already on board or have already made up their mind. So what are you waiting for? Find more-