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Machine Learning & AI

Smart Health App for Smart City

A healthy body leads to healthy way of living. This blog will guide you on how a smart health app can help you to transform the health and fitness industry in order to make a smarter and healthier city life.


How to Choose The Best LMS for Healthcare Training

We are here to help your healthcare organization implement an eLearning system as effectively as possible by understanding eLearning trends in healthcare training and knowing what to look for in an LMS.


Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in Retail

Retail is one of the most competitive industries in the world. As a result, retail organizations are especially interested in developing new and more intricate methods of engaging customers and building new brands.

Cloud security

The Importance of Cloud Security

Cloud is one of the most flexible platform for database and storage, yet it has the most stringent security protocols- this blog is a tale on why and how cloud security gets the top priority.

Simple way to evaluate a developer

Simple Way to Evaluate a Developer

We often see our developers do pet projects besides the job to learn & to develop problem-solving skills…


Digital Corporate Banking in South Asia

With online retail banking on the rise in South Asia, now digital corporate banking applications is bringing new innovations to the business sector of the region.


The Ultimate Guide to Choose Moodle as your LMS Platform

It is difficult for organizations to pick the most effective LMS platform for online learning and training. So we have prepared an ultimate comparison guide for LMS and show you why Moodle is your best option for building you online learning platform.