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Service Provided: AR-Based Mobile App Solution

With over 50 years of operations in Bangladesh and a history of several mergers and acquisitions globally, Syngenta is a renowned global agrochemical company based in Basel, Switzerland. It is a leading agriculture company that specializes in crop protection, seeds, and traits, offering a wide range of products to meet diverse agricultural needs.


As a global agrochemical company, Syngenta wanted to develop an augmented reality-based mobile app for farmers that would demonstrate the life cycle of paddy and offers farmers safe and effective application methods. It aims to visualize how the Syngenta products – Amistar Top and Virtako can help farmers in growing fresh and green paddy. They wanted to develop such an augmented reality-based mobile app solution where they can interactively promote their agriculture products while also educating farmers about the proper usage of insecticides.


To address all of their challenges we developed an augmented reality-based mobile app that provides farmers with a visualization of the paddy life cycle. The app features realistic 3D modelling of the paddy, along with animations for insects and insecticide applications. The mobile application was designed to be user-friendly and accessible to farmers with limited technical knowledge.

It used augmented reality and virtual reality to provide farmers with a visual representation of the entire life cycle of paddy and the effects of Amistar Top and Virtako on the crop. The application also provided detailed information on the proper usage of the chemicals, including dosage, application method, and safety precautions.

To showcase the effectiveness of Syngenta’s products, the app was developed to include two insecticides: Amistar Top and Virtako. Amistar Top is a broad spectrum and long-duration control fungicide that covers a range of diseases in crops such as rice, cotton, sugarcane, and vegetables. Virtako is a unique new-generation granular insecticide that provides excellent control and long-lasting protection from stem borer in rice and corn, and early shoot borer in sugarcane.

The app provides an interactive experience for farmers, allowing them to see how Syngenta’s products can help them grow fresh and green paddies. The life cycle animation shows the different stages of paddy growth, while the insect animations demonstrate the potential harm that pests can cause to the crop. The insecticide application animation shows farmers how to properly use Syngenta’s products to protect their crops from pests.

By providing an interactive experience, the Syngenta Rupa AR app aims to educate farmers about the proper usage of insecticides, and chemicals, including dosage, application method, and safety precautions, removing the difficulty of comprehending the instructions written in user manuals.


The implementation of an augmented reality-based mobile application named Syngenta Rupa AR had a positive impact on their business. Farmers were able to visualize the entire life cycle of paddy and understand the advantages of using Amistar Top and Virtako through the app. The application also resolved the issue of complicated user manuals and improved farmers’ knowledge of proper chemical usage, leading to healthier crops, higher yields, and increased income & cost savings, as they no longer need to spend money on ineffective materials. By promoting the use of insecticides and pesticides sustainably, the app will help to promote sustainable agriculture practices and support the long-term health of the land as well.


Overall, by introducing this useful app, Syngenta Rupa AR provided an innovative and efficient way to promote its agriculture products which helped the brand to build a positive image and improve its reputation among farmers and the public. Additionally, it gave farmers access to safe and effective application methods, minimizing the risk of health hazards caused by exposure to harmful chemicals which in turn helped to drive the success of Syngenta’s business.



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Augmented reality-based mobile app for farmers
Augmented reality-based mobile app for farmers

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