Syngenta Rupa AR- Merging Reality Technology With Agriculture

Syngenta, a global agrochemical company with over 50 years of operations in Bangladesh, aimed to develop an augmented reality-based mobile app to educate farmers on the life cycle of paddy and demonstrate the safe and effective application methods of their products, Amistar Top and Virtako.

To address this, “Syngenta Rupa AR” an augmented reality based app tailored towards farmers with the aim of educating, aiding their decision-making process, and providing visualizations of the crop life-cycle was developed. 

This case study encompasses the journey that led to the development of “Syngenta Rupa AR” where reality technology meets agriculture.


  1. Transforming Farmer’s Education
  2. Optimizing Agricultural Outcomes
  3. Strengthening Agri-Tech & Sustainable Agricultural Practices


Syngenta wanted to develop an app that would help farmers visualize the paddy life cycle and understand the benefits of using Amistar Top and Virtako, while also providing an interactive platform to promote their agriculture products. 

On top of that, the sales team of Syngenta uses “Syngenta Rupa AR” to educate the farmers with visual aids to enhance their knowledge. To sum up: 

  1. Developing an app to visualize the paddy life-cycle 
  2. Providing proper education for farmers 
  3. Showing the effectiveness of Amistar Top and Virtako (Syngenta’s Agro Products) 
  4. Making the app User-Friendly and effective


We developed an augmented reality-based mobile application as it was the best way to tackle the given challenges. With features like realistic 3D modeling of the paddy and animations for insects and insecticide applications, we can redefine the way farmers engage with crops. The sales team of Syngenta can navigate this process using the app which will help the farmers make wiser decisions. It provides them with guidelines, animations and visual effects to reduce misconduct.

  1. An Augmented Reality-based mobile app with realistic 3D modeling 
  2. Animations for insects and insecticide application 
  3. Guidelines for proper dosage and usage of chemicals, application methods and safety precautions to educate farmers 
  4. Showcases the effects of insecticides on the crop 
  5. Animations demonstrating potential harm to crops


The Syngenta Rupa AR app provides an interactive experience that educates farmers about proper insecticide usage and helps them visualize the entire life cycle of paddy. 

By offering an engaging and easy-to-understand platform, the app eliminates the need for complicated user manuals and promotes sustainable agriculture practices.

Conceptualizing Problems  3D animations and stunning visuals that help the farmers grasp the problem quicker

Chemical Assist  Guidelines and Animations that help the farmer know exactly what chemical to use and how much they should use it. Thus reduces the risk of chemical overuse.

User-friendly App  The app’s intuitive design makes it easy for users to navigate and understand their results.

Promotion  Showcases the benefits of Syngenta’s Agricultural Products – Amistar Top and Virtako. The app helps them understand how Syngenta’s Products help them tackle various problems.


The Syngenta Rupa AR app had a positive impact on Syngenta’s business. Syngenta Rupa AR was successful in showing the farmers how Amistar Top and Virtako helped them yield a higher amount of healthier crops. This allowed the sales team of Syngenta to push their Agro Products to more farmers. 

With increased income and cost savings, it was evident by the app that Syngenta’s Agro Products are the best solution for the farmers. 

The app also improved Syngenta’s brand image and reputation among farmers and the public, while giving farmers access to safe and effective application methods to minimize health hazards caused by exposure to harmful chemicals.

  1. Portraying the advantages of Syngenta Agricultural Products – Amistar Top and Virtako 
  2. Reporting significant rise in healthier crops and higher yields 
  3. Reduced crop damage resulting in cost saving hence increased income
  4. Educated farmers resulting in controlled use of harmful chemicals 
  5. Created a positive Brand Image and Reputation of Syngenta

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