Case Study

Stock Price Prediction With AI (POC)

Solution: AI & ML Enabled Stock Price Prediction Model

Industry: Fin-tech Industry

About Stock Price Prediction

Our stock price prediction model can predict the most profitable time for buying or selling a stock. For this prediction, it needs a data-set of that stock so that the model can learn the price behavior of stocks through a timeline and can predict the next probable market price for a convenient action.


It’s quite challenging for humans to predict the most accurate & profitable time to buy and sell a stock without analyzing its previous history of the price timeline.


Simple linear regression was used to predict the stock price ahead of time and the random seed was used to start the buying point. So that with this model individuals can buy and sell any stock ensuring the most profitable action. 

Business Impact

By predicting the appropriate time for stock exchange by AI-enabled solution one can eliminate the high risk of losing money in the stock exchange market and can play safe all the time.

Technology Used

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