Case Study

Splash 360

Service Provided: Complete Email Marketing Solution

Industry: Service

About the Company

Splash 360 is an USA based company who are working with email, social marketing and also in digital printing. We have been developing and upgrading splash since 2008 and it has been a great hit in USA’s market.

Strategy/ Solution

We have created an all in one digital marketing platform for Splash. Now the bulk mails find its destination in the inbox rather in the spam box. With the solution subscribers are increased in numbers and the tracking got a lot defined and became the best system in the market.


The team started working from 2008 (9 Years) and has been doing great till now. With a very robust solution, accessibility and affordability Splash 3600 is already a hit among its clients. And with this sales focused and result oriented solution we can say Splash will be able to hold the future market for email campaigning.


  • Immense Email Campaigning Option
  • Accessibility & Affordability
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Splendid Business lifeline
  • Simplicity with Elegance & Flexibility
  • Sales Focused
  • Result Oriented
  • Awesome Web Application
  • Super Mobile Responsive
  • An Amazing Dashboard
  • Super Contact Management
  • Grand Email Marketing
  • Multiple Social Media Sharing
  • Excellent Digital Printing Option
  • Incredible Report Generator
  • Effective Leads Generating capability


  • Email Marketing Automation Tool

Project Highlights

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