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Speech Buds

Service Provided: Mobile App Solution

Speech Buds is a simple tool that helps Speech-Language Therapists (SLP) and parents detect and track speech issues in kids early on. It is designed to give very simple and fun assessments to children which automatically detect issues in target sounds. SLPs and parents can use the app collaboratively to visually see and hear the progress of their kids over time.


Speech Buds needed a digital Solution for children’s speech difficulties where they can improve Children/people who have difficulties receiving language (Receptive Language), Children who struggle to speak and express themselves (Expressive Language), children who struggle to use language in socially appropriate ways (pragmatic language), and communication skills in many ways. In fact, they had no efficient way to track children’s speech progress and previously they had to attend In-person assessment in order to fix any speech or communication disorder child.


To address all their challenges, we created a digital solution for children’s speech issue named Speech Buds, a speech therapy app with many more feature integrations that helps non-verbal children to communicate with their parents, teachers and friends. This app provides children with an approach which can help them practice their speech and overcome their difficulties through a library of video recording, interactive images, and articles that can help users learn more about effective communication. Furthermore, the therapists can add their own images and record their own videos, making speech therapy more individualized.


The app provides real-time feedback on the non-verbal children’s progress through the Speech issue detection feature integration into the Speech Buds app which helps to pronounce correctly and allows the children to try multiple times and train their speech properly. With this app, children with speech difficulties can receive instant feedback on pronunciation, learn new words and phrases, and practice conversation using the online Assessment feature. This app records audio playback which helps to track and view detailed reports to identify the problem target sounds as well as progress status for the child /parents and speech therapist from anywhere, anytime. It comes with a range of age possibilities, including early language development to a much more complex level of combining several aspects of language at once. This app is designed not only for autistic children, but their families, therapists, and educators as well. Ultimately, the goal of the Speech Buds app is to help people with speech difficulties feel more confident and comfortable communicating with others and also overcome the difficulties.


We have integrated a solution visual chart in the Speech Bud app which is a great tool for children with disabilities who struggle with bird-eye view. The chart provides a clear and concise way for the child to see the big picture and understand the relationships between objects. This can be particularly helpful for children with autism who often have difficulty processing information from a bird’s-eye view.


The Speech Buds app is making a big impact on organizations that serve children with speech disabilities by providing a platform for users to practice their speech, the app has helped many children to improve their communication skills. In addition, the app’s various features have allowed children to connect with others who share their disability as well as socialize, which is often difficult to do in person. This gives them a better understanding of how to form the words correctly and allows them to see the progress they are making. As a result, Speech Buds has not only improved the lives of its users and parents, but it has also contributed to a shift in public perception of disability in general. The app is also helping organizations to save time and money by reducing the need for costly speech therapy sessions. Finally, with the help of the speech buds app, is making a significant contribution to improving the lives of children with disabilities.


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