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A “Smart City” is defined as an urban area that has become more efficient in all human needs, as well as more environmentally friendly and socially equal, through the use of digital technologies. In detail, cities development is influenced not only by the economic growth, education system, smart transportation, or smart government but also highly depend on the level at which solutions can be produced to comfort the live of its citizens & meet the basic need of healthcare care services with many more facilities.

These are the basic components of a smart city. Hence, over the year, the smart city sees healthcare not only as a service, but as a fundamental right that needs to be guaranteed to the entire population. However, with an increasing population and from a busier lifestyle, it is becoming critical to care for citizens in a more timely and efficient manner. Therefore, an increasing number of cities and communities around the world are moving ahead in developing smart cities to improve the quality of life, economic opportunity, and security for those who live in cities and surrounding areas. The use of digital and mobile technology is enabling the development of smart healthcare solutions for people living in smart cities or even in rural areas. The concept of smart cities arises as a consequence of technological advancements and the integration of various technologies, devices, and networks. In this blog I will guide you on how a smart health app can transform the health and fitness industry to make a city smarter than ever before. Now you must be curious to know more about how a smart health app can help to make a smart healthy city life? So first you need to know-

What is Smart HealthCare app?

We Brain Station 23 launched a Smart Health App called “Scoreboard for life” which refers to the combination of smart technology that involves latest digital and integrated health care mobile app with the health app. This smart health app technology interacts and engages with fitness tracker even health assessment apps in smartphones have gained grand attention amongst fitness lover and heath care industries. These devices are smart in the sense as they not only just monitor health but also provide solutions if needed at the right time and collect patient’s data remotely. Smart devices act as the base of smart healthcare. These digital records save cost and time for both patients and hospitals as they not only offer personalized treatments and medications but also provide preventive measures via real-time data collection.

A city’s smart health app is determined by using a set of smart technologies, which include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • AI Chatbot (Marvic)
  • AWS Cloud
  • Ionic App
  • GCP Dialog flow
  • Machine Learning
  • Angular

The use of technology in healthcare apps has improved diagnosis and treatment accuracy, allowing medical personnel to work more efficiently. It also increases patient involvement.

We have employed all of these technologies in this health care app project, and we can work on them even more as we have already experienced working with an American health service provider organization to assist elderly individuals in the United States with this smart healthcare mobile app, called “Scoreboard for life”.

So, now let’s explore how each feature of smart heath care app can be benefiting the patient –

Booking appointments made easy

Those days are gone when Patients need to book an appointment with a doctor by calling his assistant or going to the clinic to have their name entered into the appointment diary. We created this smart health care mobile app for smart city where any patient / users can virtually consult professional doctors instead of searching on Google and wasting time to know their health conditions and test results with the help of smart healthcare mobile app, called “Scoreboard for life” to make the easy journey of appointment, regular follow up, or any emergency consultancy process. Even more, by using this health app, patients can obtain necessary medications for allergies, pain, and fever, as well as resolve their cardio, carbs, cholesterol, or any other sickness issues via a virtual appointment. With the help of health app “Scoreboard for life”, the user can seek advice from a doctor at any time and from any location by just tapping a finger on the smart health app or website.

Helps in maintaining a healthy diet

It has been discovered that the majority of health problems are caused by an improper diet and an unhealthy eating routine. So, in order to stay fit, it is critical to maintain a proper and healthy diet. These smart health apps will act as your personal dietitian, advising you on what to eat and in what quantity to eat. Apart from that, the patients are instructed for a specific diet by the doctor, which allows users to connect with their coaches or doctor to meet their fitness goals, inspiring them to get off the couch. Personal trainers and athletes can assist their online audiences make lifestyle changes by changing their eating habits, essential foods to consume, yoga, exercise, and preparing them for life challenges and tasks. So, the apps will assist you in creating a diet plan that will aid in a quick recovery.

Display regular fitness progress to the user

The Fitbit fitness device is more than just an innovative pedometer; it’s also a smartwatch with heart rate monitor and standalone workouts tracker! An individual or patient can use this “Fitbit” fitness tracker which is connected in the heath app to assess their own health status or fitness regime without any professional help. To name a few, this smart watch can help in checking blood and glucose levels, body temperature, heartbeat, cardiovascular problems, vision quality and chronic ailments also the number of steps, swimming has been performed each day by a diabetic’s patient or a user. Most importantly all this collected data automatically directly transfers to the health app through this where doctors or consultants can remotely monitor their patient’s regular activities and get updated on medical records without any manual work with just a one Fitbit fitness tracker and smart heath app. Health care centers can not only remotely keep track of every patient but also can record this data for any future necessary or emergency case of a patient. These devices have not only boomed for diabetic, asthma and heart patients but also these fitness trackers or fitness smart watch have gained immense popularity amongst many healthcare centers or fitness enthusiasts to keep the accurate and real time data collection of each patient or user. It also suggests exercise such as running, jumping, weightlifting, yoga, and other tasks based on daily activity tracked by the Fitbit device, which leads to a healthier lifestyle.

24/7 support through AI-Chatbot for health and fitness related issues

The new “Marvic AI-Chatbot” is an innovative way to provide personalized health care and oftentimes we find ourselves in urgent situations where going to the doctor would take too much time even what if the problem is not that big that one has to go to the clinic for a checkup or need suggestion regarding fitness goals, instant food chart or faces any problem to recall previous medical record or even need to know general heath related question- For this situation, “Marvic AI- Chatbot” programs work great and have revolutionized the health care industry by allowing users to remotely get answered of all the questions based on their problem without visiting their vicinity, which helps them to get an instant advice with the proper information all day long 24/7 via live chat assistance when they need it.

Fitness challenge with friends & activity share

The best part of this smart workout app is that it allows users to create a community or social group based on their age preference and as well as can challenge their friends or social group from all over the world-which helps people to get to know nearby residents and gives the opportunity to connect them to create events, collaborate on events and motivate each other to achieve their health goals. So, to make the fitness goal more enjoyable a group of friends and nearby community can create different activity plans, events and can execute the plan in their preferred different locations with many more entertaining activities such as – Outing, Swimming, Race, cycling also you can share your activity rings with friends and family for motivation.

Celebrity Challenge

Most interestingly there is celebrity challenge feature in this smart health app, which encourages participants to win all the activity goal, where if a participant successfully competes to win the week in fitness challenges, he or she will get the opportunity to meet with a celebrity through this smart healthcare app named “Scoreboard for life”. The health care app improves an individual’s core strength, mood, hormones, flexibility, and de-stresses with an exciting fitness challenge feature.


There is no doubt that smart mobile health app have become one of the most crucial tools for saving many people’s lives. It has resulted in faster decisions and more accurate treatments, increasing the chances of health improvement. It has strengthened and transformed the health-care industry significantly.

If you are looking for the top health apps or want to build a new one, you might have pertinent data to use for decision-making after reading this article. In addition to it, if you are also planning to make a health app like “Score board for life”, or want to upgrade additional features as per your requirements & functionalities in your Android or iOS health application, feel free to contact us at Brain Station 23 website. We can meet your needs for your healthcare center or fitness industry based on your specifications.


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