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Smart Fuelling: Digital Transformation at Caribbean's Premier Petroleum Distribution Company

Caribbean’s one of the largest Petroleum Distribution and Marketing Company that distributes liquid petroleum fuels to dealers and fuel stations across the country. The company has a variety of businesses such as fuel distribution, U-Stores and is planning to start new branches all over Trinidad & Tobago. Established in 1990, it is a wholly owned & locally operated company. It began trading in transportation fuels in the year 2000 and is now engaged in the marketing and wholesaling of liquid petroleum fuels. They also transport bulk fuel to large commercial customers via their Transport Division.


Highlights of refueling mobile app case study


  • Operational Inefficiency and Time Wastage: Searching for fuel stations in unfamiliar areas wastes time and disrupts planned routes. This inefficiency can impact productivity and time-sensitive schedules. 
  • Inconvenience in Payment Methods: The existing Cash and card payments at fuel stations were inconvenient. It led to delays and potential errors in financial records, hampering their ability to manage financial aspects effectively. 
  • Expense Management Challenges: The lack of digital payment options at fuel stations made tracking and managing expenses difficult. This lack of transparency hindered financial planning and budgeting efforts. 
  • Risk of Financial Mismanagement: Traditional payment methods increase the risk of errors, or discrepancies in financial records. This poses a threat to the financial stability of the organization, leading to potential legal and regulatory issues. 
  • Lack of Comprehensive Data and Full Visibility: Absence of detailed data made strategic decision-making challenging, hindering the ability to optimize operations. Additionally, full visibility into fuel station activities is essential to meet customer expectations, necessitating real-time insights for informed decisions.


  • Operational Efficiency and Customer Service: We developed a comprehensive mobile app for fuel stations, addressing the needs of both merchants and customers. Merchants can efficiently configure software and monitor pump activity, while customers gain real-time access to nearby fuel stations, pump statuses, and directions. 
  • Merchant and Customer Functionality: The system empowers merchants with software management tools for streamlined operations. Thus, Provided customers with a user-friendly interface for enhanced fuel station interactions. 
  • Pump Activation and Environmental Impact: We Implemented a system where pumps consistently communicate with the server upon activation. Thus, focusing on operational efficiency and reducing environmental impact by ensuring operational pumps are in use became easy. 
  • Reservation and Payment Process: The solution introduced a quick and easy app-based reservation system for dispenser machines. Also, we enabled a secure payment process with OTP code authorization before fuel consumption. 
  • Notifications and Loyalty Points: Users receive timely progress notifications during fuel consumption. Additionally, integrated a Loyalty feature, allowing users to earn points for future benefits. 
  • Additional Services and Invoicing: Users can select additional services, triggering automatic invoice generation. The process is streamlined for users opting for services beyond fuel consumption. 
  • Price Comparison and Decision-Making: App displays real-time fuel prices at different stations, facilitating informed decision-making. So that users feel empowered to make choices based on current pricing. 
  • Authorities Monitoring and Proactive Measures: We implemented a monitoring solution providing authorities with real-time insights into fuel station operations. It helps authorities in taking proactive measures based on current station status. 
  • User Dashboard for Account Management:User dashboard facilitates easy profile editing and viewing of fuel prices by location. A centralized hub has been implemented for users to efficiently manage their accounts. 
  • Loyalty Matrix and Usage Patterns:  Loyalty matrix calculates points based on fuel consumption patterns. Users can utilize earned points for future fuel purchases. 
  • Scheduling and Full-Service Option:  The fuel stations have a full range of services, such as glass cleaning, tire pressure check, fill up service etc. The solution introduced a scheduling option for users to book full services in advance. Also, opting for additional services triggers automatic invoice generation. CSAs (Customer Service Attendant) receive notifications and assist users with selected services. 



Simplified Reservation and Fueling Process: 

Swift Reservations: Our app enables users to effortlessly reserve pumps, eliminating the hassle of waiting in long queues. 

Effortless Transactions: After a reservation, seamless payment processes and an authorization system ensure a hassle-free fueling experience. 

Real-time Notifications: Users receive timely notifications detailing the fueling progress, loyalty points earned, and additional services available. 

Enhanced Customer Engagement: 

Interactive Features: Users can choose from a range of services, from fueling to glass cleaning and tire pressure checks, all accessible through the app. 

Dynamic Pricing Information: Our app provides real-time fuel prices from various stations, empowering customers to make informed decisions based on cost-effectiveness. 

Personalized Loyalty Program: Through our loyalty feature, customers earn points with every transaction, fostering a strong relationship and encouraging repeat business. 

Easy Merchant Control: 

Merchant Configuration: Fuel station owners have the ability to configure and monitor pump activity, ensuring optimal operations. 

Service Variety: Merchants can offer a range of services, from basic fueling to complete vehicle maintenance, providing customers with a one-stop solution. 

Advanced Technology Integration: 

Comprehensive Dashboard: Our user dashboard offers a holistic view, allowing users to manage their accounts, track fuel consumption, and access station information, all in one place. 

Proactive Monitoring and Sustainable Practices: 

Operational Oversight: Authorities benefit from enhanced monitoring, receiving real-time station status updates and enabling proactive maintenance measures. 

Environmental Impact Reduction: By ensuring operational pumps are in use and minimizing unnecessary queues, our solution contributes to reduced environmental impact. 

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Brain Station 23 is focused on delivering tailored services to meet the unique needs and expectations of their clients. Here we provided AR/VR  Solutions to our client. 

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