Case Study


Service Provided: QA team stay in the frontline of the battleground

Sharebus is one of the sister concerns of Ferdia. Unlike a scheduled bus or a train, a Sharebus goes directly to the destination without stopping or changing transport.


For big projects with multiple front-end and back-end teams it was very often to phase miscommunication and misunderstanding. Sometimes the team focused on more design rather the core focus should be the MVP. This type of gap into the focus list became a burning issue when a team had to maintain a strict deadline. So, there was a necessity of an entity who took the lead to ensure consistency in design and features.

Our Approach

Here the QA team came forward as they got engaged with the project from the very beginning. They ensured the design and the business logic and listed the MVP core feature. They stay aligned with product owner and feature requirement which helped them to find any flaws in business logic or conflict in design.


This helps QA team to make sure a flexible constant requirement to work on so that team can avoid any kind of misunderstanding as developers know clearly what is needed to be done before starting the development.

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