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NATH & tuc tuc

Service Provided: SAP to Odoo Migration

The NATH team created a new brand and a line of clothing with eye-catching patterns and hues. The Spanish firm Nath, which has 30 years of experience in the fashion and textile industries, is known for their focus on accessible luxury. They provide clothing that perfectly balances the best quality and moderate costs. A brand that is modern, authentic, versatile, and adaptable to daily life and always changing environment.  

We got the chance to collaborate with NATH that creates and produces styles based on the most recent fashion trends that are appropriate for the needs of the industry by consistently adhering to their own manufacture. Every garment designed and created by their team, including streetwear, sportswear, children’s goods, bags, etc., is made with the greatest standards of ethics and manufacturing. The brand was using SAP ERP, along with INA Catalogue-mobile app, as their central ERP. NATH found that their software has rigid setups and struggles to support their operations fully.  

Rough Start with SAP

Operations at NATH were transformed by Odoo in ways that had never been done before. They were able to improve their business, as they had long hoped, thanks to the deployment of Odoo. However, they had to tackle a challenging aberration before using Odoo to accomplish their goal. Before using Odoo, NATH’s operation was not centralized and they had to use different solutions or application for different solutions. This creates a management issue for them, the overall performance and user experience was also not good. On the other hand, it was extremely expensive too. In addition to the excruciatingly slow integration, the SAP ERP was only compatible with a few poorly integrated applications. So, the start with SAP has not been a good experience for NATH. 


Because SAP development is so expensive, NATH/tuc tuc needed to find ways to save money.  SAP is also complex. It demands highly trained personnel as well. Its lengthy implementation time is also a hurdle and creates internal conflict in organizations and rolls out new versions every 6 months. After implementation, support from SAP was delayed and reduced also. The fashion brand chose Odoo ERP because it is a modular and adaptable piece of software that can be used by many types of businesses. When compared to SAP, Odoo is far more affordable and scalable. Odoo is comprehensive in nature and customizable also. It has more than 35 modules, which are the fundamental parts of a company. The list of Odoo modules that benefit the business in many ways. Our objective was to construct their B2C and B2B applications and move everything from SAP to Odoo. The ERP will serve as the main database for their Sale, Purchase, Inventory, Barcode, Accounting, Website, Point-Of-Sale and eCommerce platforms. As a result, the applications will function alongside the latest Odoo ERP release. Odoo may shine with more affordable licensing solutions, especially in the long run. Costs can be reduced by a factor of two when compared to SAP. Without compromising on quality or service, the implementation expenses alone are also much lower. 


NATH was the project’s initiator. NATH formerly employed a variety of tools to organize and keep track of their company operations and documents. They acquired tuc tuc down the road, who was already utilizing SAP. NATH attempted to adopt SAP, but the cost was prohibitive, and the company was unable to customize SAP to meet their needs. So, we started working on NATH’s Odoo ERP project on the side. Later, when NATH’s SAP subscription came to an end, we constructed the entire ERP system using Odoo to meet their needs for automating business processes. 

By utilizing Odoo ERP, NATH & tuc tuc have drastically decreased the cost of their ERP development and be able to manage the whole business process centrally. But being able to alter their ERP platform to suit their needs is NATH and tuc tuc’s biggest success. With their prior SAP subscription, this would not be possible. Additionally, our Odoo ERP created an integrated ERP system that links every aspect of the business with other external stakeholders. And NATH’s business operations and user experience are being improved by our Odoo team at ERP 23.

Odoo ERP for NATH was created in accordance with industry requirements and continuously serving their purpose. Till now we have been maintaining our customer support and satisfaction. 


By utilizing Odoo ERP, NATH & tuc tuc have simplified its database and operations. 

The Odoo ERP is best suited for any firm because of its modular structure. Odoo is made to be adapted to the requirements of a changing business. We can continuously expand the subset of tools to make the ERP fit for a particular company as business expands and demands change. And the company’s data analytics and reporting has been undoubtedly more informative with greater organization and streamlining with the help of Odoo. The prospect of cloud hosting, which is available with many hosting alternatives, might reduce many of the infrastructure requirements associated with ERP adoption. The server resources are very scalable with cloud hosting. Any type of company expansion is supported by scalability. Nath has been using Odoo for past couple of years successfully and its operation has been smoothly running. Service and cost optimization has been the biggest gain after turning to Odoo. 

Our Odoo team at ERP 23 are continuously providing support to the Spanish fashion enterprise and bettering their business operations and user experience. Thus, Odoo has helped NATH in their whole business domain. 

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