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NATH & tuc tuc’s SAP to Odoo ERP Migration


NATH, a Spanish fashion enterprise, successfully transitioned from SAP to Odoo ERP, unlocking numerous benefits along the way. Facing challenges such as limited customization, high costs, integration issues, complexity, and scalability concerns, NATH sought a more affordable and adaptable solution.

By partnering with ERP 23 and implementing Odoo ERP, NATH achieved a cost-effective transition, streamlined operations, and improved analytics.


  1. Cost-effective Transition from SAP to Odoo ERP
  2. Modular and Adaptable Solution with Customizable Modules
  3. Streamlined Operations and Improved Analytics


The start with SAP ERP was not a good experience for NATH at all. This ERP created major management issues for them and hampered their overall performance, besides it was too expensive.

The challenges faced by NATH while using SAP:

  • Limited customization: SAP ERP had inflexible configurations and struggled to adapt to NATH’s specific operational needs, hindering efficient management and user experience.

  • High costs: SAP development and implementation were expensive, making it financially burdensome for NATH to maintain and customize the system according to their requirements.

  • Integration issues: SAP ERP had poor integration with other applications, resulting in slow and clumsy integration processes, limiting the effectiveness and seamless functioning of the system.

  • Complexity and expertise: SAP’s complexity demanded highly trained personnel, which posed challenges in terms of finding skilled resources. NATH needed a solution that was easier to manage and required less specialized expertise.

  • Scalability and adaptability: NATH required an ERP solution that could scale with their business growth and accommodate changing needs. They needed a system that could be easily expanded and customized to align with their evolving requirements.


NATH needed a more affordable ERP solution that could provide the necessary functionalities without compromising on quality and service. So, we started working on NATH’s Odoo ERP project on the side. When NATH’s SAP subscription came to an end, we constructed the entire ERP system using Odoo to meet their needs for automating business processes.

  • Transition to Odoo ERP: NATH switched from SAP to Odoo ERP, which offered a more cost-effective and customizable solution. Odoo has more than 35 modules, which are the fundamental parts of a company. Odoo’s modular structure allowed for tailored implementation and integration of specific modules that aligned with NATH’s operational requirements. Our objective was to construct their B2C and B2B applications and move everything from SAP to Odoo. The ERP will serve as the main database for their Sale, Purchase, Inventory, Barcode, Accounting, Website, Point-Of-Sale and eCommerce platforms.

  • Centralized operations: By implementing Odoo ERP, NATH achieved centralized management of their business processes, eliminating the need for multiple solutions. This streamlined operations and enhanced user experience, providing a more efficient and cohesive workflow.

  • Integrated ERP system: The Odoo ERP solution created an integrated system that seamlessly connected various aspects of NATH’s business with external stakeholders. This integration enhanced collaboration and communication, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

  • Ongoing support and customer satisfaction: The Odoo team at ERP 23 provided continuous support to NATH, ensuring smooth operations and enhancing their business domain. This commitment to customer satisfaction helped NATH optimize their services and achieve their business objectives effectively.


  • Cost Savings

By switching from SAP to Odoo ERP, NATH was able to significantly reduce their ERP development and implementation costs. The licensing solutions offered by Odoo are more affordable in the long run, resulting in cost savings for the company. Implementation expenses were also lower without compromising on quality or service.

  • Modular and Adaptable

Odoo’s modular structure allowed NATH to customize the ERP system to suit their specific business needs. As a comprehensive and customizable software, Odoo provided more than 35 modules that benefited different aspects of the company’s operations. This adaptability ensured that the ERP could grow and evolve with the changing requirements of NATH.

  • Centralized Operations

Prior to implementing Odoo, NATH faced challenges with decentralized operations and the use of multiple solutions and applications for different tasks. Odoo ERP provided a centralized platform that streamlined the company’s operations, making it easier to manage and track various business processes. This centralization improved efficiency and productivity within the organization.

  • Improved User Experience

The previous SAP ERP system had poor user experience and performance, leading to management issues for NATH. With Odoo, the company experienced an enhanced user experience, making it easier for employees to navigate and utilize the ERP system effectively. The intuitive interface and user-friendly features of Odoo contributed to a better overall user experience.

  • Scalability and Growth

Odoo ERP offered scalability, allowing NATH to expand its business operations without limitations. As the company grows and demands change, Odoo can be continuously expanded and adapted to meet the evolving requirements. This scalability supported NATH’s expansion plans and facilitated their business growth.


  • Streamlined Operations: The implementation of Odoo ERP resulted in the simplification of NATH’s database and operations. The centralized ERP system allowed for better organization and management of business processes. This streamlined approach improved efficiency and reduced errors in day-to-day operations.

  • Enhanced Data Analytics and Reporting: Odoo ERP provided NATH with improved data analytics and reporting capabilities. The ERP system organized and consolidated data from different aspects of the business, enabling the company to generate more informative reports and gain valuable insights. This enhanced reporting facilitated data-driven decision-making within the organization.

  • Service Optimization: By switching to Odoo ERP, NATH experienced better customer support and satisfaction. The Odoo team at ERP 23 provided continuous support to the Spanish fashion enterprise, improving their business operations and user experience. The reliable service and support offered by Odoo contributed to the optimization of NATH’s overall service delivery.

  • Cloud Hosting: The prospect of cloud hosting, available with Odoo ERP, reduced infrastructure requirements associated with ERP adoption for NATH. Cloud hosting provided scalability, allowing the company to support any type of expansion. The server resources were easily scalable, accommodating NATH’s growth plans effectively.


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