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Service Provided: E-commerce Solution

Sailor is one of the most popular clothing brand across the country. They have 20+ outlets in the country and a huge customer-base. They have category-wise clothing line for people with different ages and genders. With this growing popularity, sailor wanted to up and roll their business on internet and decided to develop their very own e-commerce website. 

We helped sailor to develop their website on nopCommerce platform. Along with the website, we integrate the  ERP POS system (discount sync, product info, price and quantity sync from POS system and order sync to POS system), New payment methods (their preferred banks and SSL commerce), New shipping methods (including DHL), etc into their website. But most importantly, we provide them a fully automated, well-designed and user-friendly smooth running website without any performance issue.  Admin just had to add the picture of the product, except this, everything is automatic that means from the product sync to confirm order, order status update all are automatic. Now their e-commerce site is ready to handle their huge customer base on online. 




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One of the top 10 E-commerce Clothing Brand of Bangladesh


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Business Impact

37% Higher User Engagement

With a super responsive and user-friendly website, Sailor got 30% more user engagement than beofore.

17% Higher conversion rate

With a super lucrative and easy to check-out feature, sailor got 17% higher conversion rate than before.

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