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Service Provided: AWS Cloud Services

Sailor is a fashion & lifestyle brand, bringing the latest fashion trends and high-quality outfits to Bangladesh market. The brand offers fashion and lifestyle items for everyone – men, women, and kids, with fashion wares ranging from trendy western fashion-wears to ethnic clothing.


Even though Sailor is a fashion brand, backed by an RMG giant Epillyion Group, it lacked the eCommerce presence and a platform to justify its role as a new point-of-sales for the continuously growing online customer segment. Sailor’s challenge was to, of course, start their online sales, but to also establish a strong digital identity and attract customers online. Before launching an eCommerce platform, all of their sales were done through the POS system in the physical outlets. Sailor wanted a solution that could manage traffic hit in a very scalable way at the same time as they were concerned about the security and backup of data.
Being a reputed company monitoring of existing system and logs management was even more concerning. While the business needed customization and integration for fully automated back-office operation, it also required an intuitive UI for a smooth online shopping experience for the customers.


The cloud solution is designed using AWS services. EC2 is used for application server, RDS for database and for application picture storage S3 is used. As a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service, CloudFront is using which delivers S3 contents efficiently. When a user requests picture content, with CloudFront request is routed to a nearby Edge Location to serve with the cached copy if there is. Application Load Balancer is configured to distribute traffic to multiple EC2 instances on high workload. Cloud watch is enabled to monitor EC2. Cloud watch matrices helps to analyze performance of EC2 instances. When EC2 state changes, Alarm is configured with SNS to get email notification. EC2 autoscaling is configured with launch configuration and defining target policy to scale up based on the workload scenario. From load balancer, users are distributed to EC2 instances based on the usage through the target group where all instances are registered. With sticky session, user journey in the same EC2 instance is getting ensured. Custom VPC is used with custom security group. It isolates our resources we have used in this solution. RDS and EC2 access is restricted with security group. To secure data in RDS, KMS encryption is used. It helps to secure user’s data. Cloud watch is also configured in RDS. By analyzing matrices sometimes, we upgrade RDS hardware to tackle more traffic. CloudTrail is enabled. Activity is recorded in a CloudTrail event and save to Amazon S3. RDS regular basis automatic backup and for EC2 storage with life cycle manager weekly snapshot are configured as recovery plan.


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