Securing Financial Asset Management: How our RiskMonitor Passed Rigorous Penetration Testing

In the fast-paced world of finance, where data integrity and security are paramount, our built RiskMonitor platform stands out as a beacon of reliability. Our recent success in passing rigorous penetration testing, conducted by a respected third-party team, underscores our commitment to fortifying financial asset management platforms against evolving threats.


  1. Penetration testing with RiskMonitor confirms robust security and proactive stance.
  2. Streamlined onboarding and reporting enhance operational efficiency.
  3. Customizable analytics and stringent permissions ensure secure asset management.


As we understand the criticality of robust security measures in managing financial assets. With our RiskMonitor platform, we aimed not only to streamline risk reporting processes but also to ensure the highest standards of data protection and access control.

Key features of riskmonitor

  1. Seamless Fund Onboarding: Simplifying the onboarding process for new funds, ensuring a smooth transition into the RiskMonitor ecosystem.
  2. Automated Reporting: Leveraging automation to generate high-quality reports swiftly, eliminating the need for laborious spreadsheet work.
  3. Data Connectivity: Seamless integration with market data vendors, enriching and reconciling data for accurate risk assessments.
  4. Scheduled Reporting and Alerts: Automating report generation and distribution, with built-in alerts for breach, reconciliation, and warnings.
  5. Customizable Analytics: Tailoring risk analytics to meet the specific needs of each client, covering a wide range of asset classes.


We came up with the RiskMonitor platform to ensure better financial asset management for clients. In the platform, they will be able to get:

Robust Security Infrastructure

To address the formidable challenge of security management, we employed a multi-faceted approach, leveraging advanced technologies and best practices. Our technology stack included:

  • ASP .NET Core 8: Providing a solid foundation for building secure, scalable web applications.
  • MSQL: Ensuring data integrity and confidentiality through robust database management.
  • Kendo UI: Offering a comprehensive set of UI components with built-in security features for enhanced user experience.
  • Aspose: Powering advanced report generation capabilities, delivering high-quality, customizable reports tailored to each client’s needs.
  • Matlab: For calculating risk from data.
  • Hangfire User Scheduler Task: Automating background tasks with precision and reliability, optimizing system performance.

Rigorous Penetration Testing

Our commitment to security was put to the test when a reputed third-party penetration testing team subjected RiskMonitor to a comprehensive evaluation in a staging environment. Over three days, a team of four ethical hackers utilized elaborate software tools to probe our system for vulnerabilities.


We are pleased to announce that RiskMonitor emerged from the penetration testing with flying colors. While minor package update suggestions were identified, these were already on our radar, reflecting our proactive stance towards security maintenance.

Our client was satisfied with the results underscores and the effectiveness of our security measures. The stringent permission management and robust security infrastructure implemented in RiskMonitor have proven instrumental in safeguarding financial assets and sensitive data.

Looking Ahead: A Commitment to Excellence

As we celebrate this milestone, we remain dedicated to advancing our capability and expertise in safeguarding platforms with continuous monitoring, regular updates, and proactive security measures. It’s our mission to deliver unparalleled secured solutions platforms for our clients.

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