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Renowned Pharmaceutical Company

Service Provided: LMS Solution

One of the Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies tackles the most difficult health challenges. They aim to have a significant impact on people’s lives rather than simply treating diseases. Their mission is to discover and deliver innovative medicines and products that address serious health issues and improve people’s lives today, while also addressing future medical challenges.


They needed an eLearning solution that would allow them to smoothly and efficiently train all of their Health Care Professionals (HCPs) users/staff about the technology behind each of its medical sciences or provide required training based on the learners’ complex needs .They wanted  to provide standardized training while also tracking and certifying their global HCP learner base that would accommodate role based training where all of their HCP users around the world can access learning materials as per their respective country language in a single system .


We assisted them in streamlining the work of thousands of hospital staff and medical professionals by allowing learners to study anywhere, at any time, by using the features of an all-in-one learning management platform, such as –

  • Course management: We provided them with a single robust, secure & integrated learning management platform that allows their medical professionals provide a continued training program, course management facility based on their specialized departments, engaging learning material that used photos, bright cove video clips, PDFs, SCORM packages, slide show, music, animations and attain quizzes facility with many more interactive medical resources for different categories employees, Such as (pharmacology, gynecologists, psychiatrists, medicine, professionals) in a user friendly, cost-effective and efficient manner.
  • Customized training certification: After evaluating the online test progress HCP users can generate completion certificates of the training program which create additional value for medical professionals’ or employees’ experience as well as performance.
  • Centralized data communication: Through the implementation of healthcare LMS reduced the communication gap between healthcare professionals by providing them with a hassle-free centralized data accessible facility.
  • Allocated all content materials based on user’s region (different countries wise different courses in different country language.
  • Tracking and reporting: Implementation of a learning management system admin panel can now easily keep track and generate reports on the number of courses created, the number of courses completed by medical professionals, the number of certifications obtained as well as track employees’ training activities, learning progress, and can measure the success rate of training program in different countries with just a single Moodle platform.
  • Created a journey in which medical professionals no longer need to search for individual training courses instead of, the integrated learning system recommend different courses based on the HCP’s specialized preference area wise and allowing them to find via Moodle
  • Advance search: Integrated a unique advanced category-wise course search feature, allowing all HCP users to find courses based on their required specialized area.


One of the biggest benefits of getting an interactive online learning management platform is that healthcare professionals of this pharma company can now keep up with changing healthcare guidelines, evolving medical technology, and updated standards and procedures. All the necessary features of LMS have increased the learner’s engagement as well as helped to stay organize & eliminate manual work of admin and HCP user by allowing them to access centralized data management & share necessary information with one another in an easy and quick manner thereby which increasing the efficiency of workflow as well .even now HCP users do not need to search courses manually one by one because of the advanced categorized search feature implementation which allows HCP users to find and access training material based on their each department job role, ensuring that each department’s data remains private at all times. Tracking & reporting feature helps their management to measure whether employees have met their training requirements and analyze whether employees need additional training also help trainers to view employee attendance, record whether employees are regularly attending courses, and track their performance and scores in a single system which reducing manual work of admin and HCP user.

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