Case Study

Reality 23

Service Provided: Real Estate AR VR Solution

Industry: Real-Estate

About the Product

Present your real estate product architecture, floor plan or 3D models using our Realty 23 App. Its unique customization using Augmented and Virtual Reality will boost your marketing and sales. This app will help you to provide the best customer experience. You will get to onboard and retrain more potential customers towards the property you’re selling by giving clients more informative & visual proposal.

Strategy/ Solution

To help Tanin with their business, we provided them a solution that combines different modules according to their exact need. Our HRMS module helps them to manage their human resources, whereas modules like sales, purchase and inventory were merge to eliminate the manual process of data entry and stock updates. Our manufacturing module supports their whole compilation progress in every stage. Moreover, with our customized accounting module, Tanin can see the advanced real time reporting in the system.


This real estate AR app, giving customers (i.e. real estate agents, companies, brokers etc.) the possibility to sell a property without even giving a physical tour of the property. The potential customers can walk around it, zoom in, zoom out, can discover not just the static surrounding but the animated parts with the app, which make the content a lot more real. In this way you can engage and onboard more loyal customers.



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