React for Web Development: Most Preferred Tool for Web Developers Around the World

Software development especially web development has evolved a lot till this date and that has led front end development to progress significantly in recent times. React brought a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. And this library helps to build a component-based structure with the virtues of Virtual DOM, Synthetic Events, etc.

Facebook’s released React to the Open Source domain to bring a revolution in the world of web development. The popularity of React and its wide adoption by both established front-end developers as well as those who are grinding it out in the boot camps clearly underlines its importance in the world of web development. Therefore, it’s evident that Web Development in React is best for developers around the world. 

Let me give you reasons why React is becoming the most preferred tool for developers around the world-

  1. React uses components over templates.
  2. React simplifies web development by just focussing on the View or V of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.
  3. React enables those applications to coexist when they have a tendency to change.
  4. React is very compatible with the 3rd party tools.
  5. React has Command Line Interface (CLI) support which allows developers to build projects from scratch.
  6. React uses the WebPack module builder which processes and optimizes components like images, CSS, etc. in an extremely efficient way.
  7. React unleashes the full power of JS in the application development and can nd integrate HTML into it as well.
  8. React allows to do sandbox projects to get acquainted with the software, then one can only use a few components and not the full interface and afterward can go deeper if they really like it.
  9. With React it is possible to do the one-way data binding.
  10. React has a strong community and ecosystem and Facebook is trying to make React better and more useful to developers all over the world.
Web development in React

Now if you are a web developer and you want to build with React here are some major skills that are absolutely essential for you to have-

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. JavaScript Fundamentals & ES6
  3. JSX
  4. Node & npm
  5. Redux
  6. Git
Web Development

I’m not a developer myself but since I’m into IT Industry and doing business development for offshore clients. I saw a huge demand for React developers in the market recent times and seeing React potential. We boarded react developers and trained a few of our developers to serve the React projects.

Since React is the ultimate library for front-end developers these days. Developers will do better development when they learn React, and like many organizations around the globe, we see these skills as essential. And developers, in general, should be hungry to level-up or audit the skills mentioned above along with React if they are developing front-end.

Let me know what you think about this write-up or what do you think about React? 

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5 thoughts on “React for Web Development: Most Preferred Tool for Web Developers Around the World”

  1. WOW nice post . after learning vanila JS properly I learned react js . First it seems quite hard bt after doing some project I’m confident about how it works . there are lots of resource out there .
    To get started you should at least know the following features of ES6 :
    1. Let
    2. Const
    3. Arrow functions
    4. Imports and Exports
    5. Classes
    I prefer a react course on scrimba for beginner who interested to learn react . also go through the react documentation . After getting a fairly good understanding of how React works, its time for doing some project.It takes 3-4 month for me (without redux).This is the process how I learn react so I share my opinion .

  2. This blog is clear guideline for a beginner developer who wants to learn to react js for frontend development. Thank you so much for share this blog.

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