Rainbow Visualizer: Paint Your House Digitally

Do you want your customers to get an interactive house painting experience?

Welcome to Rainbow Visualizer, a desktop based digital painting platform. This platform allows users to visualize their color choices. We invite paint & coating companies and professionals to join us in revolutionizing how we paint our surroundings. 

Let’s create a colorful future, together!


In a world filled with colors, Rainbow Paints aims to brighten up your home and workspace. With thousands of colors and designs, the company offers their service in Exterior Paint, Interior Paint, and Enamel Paint. They also provide various materials which include Water-Based Sealers, Water-Based Putty, Weather Care, Exterior Sealer, Synthetic Undercoats, and more to make your decorative painting stand out and last longer. 

However, there were many challenges to tackle. They had no option to visualize the shades from their Rainbow Paint Color Bank on Captured or Preset Images. Additionally, being unable to estimate the cost of the painting projects made it harder for users to advance freely. Difficulty in tracking nearby dealers or paint stores and manual estimation of costs and billing simply added more inconvenience.

To tackle this, Rainbow Paints developed Rainbow Visualizer to visually assist people to decorate their beloved home/workspace and select the perfect color from a diverse selection of decorative paints in attractive shades. The Digital Painting Platform offers clients to experience the shades before they apply it.


  1. Allowing Users to Visualize Their Selected Colors on Images
  2. Accurate Cost Estimation and Billing
  3. User Satisfaction and Hassle-free Experience Assured


The primary challenge for this company was to provide the customers an immersive and personalized painting experience. They also want to address the issue of inaccurate cost estimation/billing and finding nearby dealers. On top of that, the manual process of billing and estimation added more inconvenience. 

  1. Visualizing Colors in Digital Presets and Images
  2. Increasing Accuracy of Cost Estimation & Billing
  3. Assisting in Finding Nearby Dealer 
  4. Turning Manual Billing Process Digital


Creating a Digital Painting Platform- Rainbow Visualizer.

To tackle these challenges, Rainbow Paints introduced Rainbow Visualizer, a Desktop Based Digital Painting Platform where users can not only visualize their painting on captured/preset images, but also use features such as Paint Calculator and Nearby Store Locator.

  1. Rainbow Visualizer – a Desktop Based Digital Painting Platform 
  2. InBuilt Paint Calculator to Accurately Estimate Costs
  3. Nearby Store Locator to Find the Best Outlet For You


With the implementation of Rainbow Visualizer and its In-Built Paint Calculator, Rainbow Paints successfully benefited their clients. Here is a quick overview of the benefits:

1. Visualizing Color Shades

Customers can quickly and accurately visualize how different shades will appear on their desired surface, enabling them to make informed decisions.

2. Accurate Cost Estimation

The Painting Cost Estimation Calculator provides users with an early-stage overview of expenses, helping them find a balance between their requirements and budget.

3. Easy Dealer Locator

Finding nearby and recommended dealers becomes effortless, ensuring the quality of the products used for the painting project.

4. Showcase Products 

Clients can browse through all the available products of Rainbow Paints, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their usage, price, and availability. It is a great way for Rainbow Paints to display their Color Bank.


Packed with exciting features, the Rainbow Visualizer certainly helped Rainbow Paints diminish the challenges that they were previously facing.

  • Allowed clients to understand the product and visualize the impact
  • Early overview of expenses eased purchase decision making of customers
  • Finding nearby and suggested dealers relieved customers of extra hassle
  • Ensured personalized, seamless and reliable experience for Rainbow Paint customers
  • Removal of manual process fast tracked each individual project

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