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Rainbow Visualizer

Service Provided: Digital Painting Platform

Rainbow Paints provides a wide range of decorative paints with attractive colours and designs. There is a collection of Exterior paint, Interior paint and Enamel paint. Rainbow decorative paint covers all the needs for decorative painting by providing Water-Based sealers, Water-Based Putty, Weather Care, Exterior Sealer, Synthetic Undercoats and many more materials.

There was no option for the customers to visualize the shades from the Rainbow Paint Colour Bank on Captured Images or Preset Images. Users were unable to get proper cost estimation for painting as well. Users could not locate the nearby dealers and recommended paint stores. Official documents like – Cost Estimation, Bill etc used to be created manually by the seller.


  • Rainbow Visualizer is a Desktop Based Digital Painting Platform where users can visualize their preferred surface using an extensive collection of Rainbow Paint Colour Bank. User can virtually apply different shades of colour to any surface on captured images and preset images. Users can add multiple layers of colours to their images.
  • User can generate images of their preferred painting scenario. The application generates a list of products that will be required to perform the desired painting.
  • Paint Calculator assists the user to get an estimated cost of painting. The paint calculator generates an automated cost estimation document including the required products. The number of Color Coating, Putty & Sealer choices can be modified.

    User can locate the nearest and suggested paint stores. All the products details are also available in the application which provides a clear idea about products.
  • Application data can be configured by the Cloud Server Backend. As a result, the maintenance of the application becomes easier.


Proper visualization of colour shades on the desired surface helps customers take a quick and accurate decision. It assists customers to have a personalized painting experience. It ensures a hassle-free and reliable painting experience for the user.

Painting Cost Estimation Calculator assists customers to get an overall idea of expenses at a very early stage. Users can get an idea of the required products. It helps users to create a balance between their requirement and budget. User can select their product from a wide range of collection.

Users can browse all the available products to get a proper understanding of usage, price and availability. By locating nearby and suggested dealers, the quality of the products can be assured.

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