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A teleradiology solution through which radiologists can view x-ray, CT, MRI images remotely and report accordingly. Predictive models assist to select report templates, identify chest diseases and mark the infected regions on x-ray images.


In the past, radiologists had no remote solution and decentralized system to examine radiology reports. This was a time-consuming process and required a lot of manual work. They also lacked version management, which led to technical failures and the loss of draft reports. Moreover, it is impossible for a radiologist to give support 24/7. As Radassist can be accessed globally, we can utilize the time zone difference and different radiologists can support in different hours to make sure of service for all the time.


To assist radiologists, we developed a remote solution platform that enables them to examine and approve Radiology reports from anywhere. He/she can be from several institutes, without much hassle he/she can send reports to multiple diagnostic centers. This way they do not have to dedicate themselves to a single institution. With the help of this solution radiologists can get image and report from various Hospitals and Diagnostic centers in much more efficient way. Implementing a version management system ensures that patients reports are properly stored, up-to-date, and easily accessed by authorized personnel. It can even recover incomplete reports draft quickly from any location with an internet connection, as well as to view and edit them in real-time. In addition, Radiologists can share electronic images and reports with colleagues easily and quickly without making it unnecessary to print out and mail hard copies, which can lead to more accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions. The remote solution also offers Radiologists the ability to connect with patients directly, which can improve communication and satisfaction levels. As a result of implementing effective Report version management procedures with proper liable person, businesses can protect themselves from the costly consequences of data loss. Over all This teleradiology solution system offers a number of advantages for both Radiologists and Hospitals as it increases the efficiency of report delivery.



Tele radiology aka Remote Radiology has become extremely popular and useful inside many radiology practices and medical centers across the world. A remote radiology solution can have a positive impact on businesses by reducing costs and improving efficiency. Radiologists are under significant pressure to deliver accurate reports in a timely manner. They are often required to review images from multiple modalities, which can be challenging to do. The use of a remote radiology solution can help radiologists be more efficient and accurate in their workflow by eliminating the need for physical visit. This can save businesses money on travel expenses and increase productivity by making it easier for employees to get the care they need.

Even more, many hospitals and medical practices are experiencing shortages in their radiology staff, especially during holidays and night shifts. This Teleradiology solution helps practitioners do more with fewer staff because radiologists do not have to be on-site to view and interpret images. Additionally, a remote radiology solution can help businesses keep track of radiology reports. This report tracking can help businesses stay organized and ensure that reports are being filed correctly. As a result, businesses can avoid costly mistakes and improve their overall efficiency. In short, a remote radiology solution can be a valuable tool for businesses that are looking to reduce costs and improve their operations with the best possible care.


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