How to Make Your Recruitment Process Awesome Using Moodle Interview and Proctoring plugins

Struggling with the complexities of modern-day recruitment processes is a challenge many organizations face. From sifting through countless applications to conducting secure and efficient interviews, the task can be daunting. Traditional recruitment approaches often struggle to navigate the complexities of remote assessments, authentication, and fair evaluations. However, amidst these hurdles lies a beacon of hope: Learning Management System (LMS) platforms like Moodle, equipped with our Interview and Proctoring plugins which present a transformative solution, revolutionizing the recruitment landscape by streamlining the process and ensuring its efficiency and integrity.

Hence, this blog will delve deeper into how these tools can transform your recruitment process into a more efficient, reliable, and enjoyable experience for both employers and candidates alike. I’ll address the features by going through some questions that address whether these plugins will really ease your recruitment process.

Do you want a secure and reliable way to monitor your applicants?

One of the biggest issues with remote hiring is that there’s always a risk of unauthorized individuals taking the quiz on behalf of registered applicants which compromises the integrity of online exams. The best way to solve this problem is to utilize a camera-based monitoring system which significantly decreases the chances of cheating or impersonation during quizzes and secures the recruitment process. Our Moodle Proctoring plugin perfectly implements this feature which helps in verifying the identity of the test-taker, ensuring only authorized students take the quiz. The Proctoring plugin allows you to capture random images of students via their web camera during quizzes, ensuring the integrity of the recruitment exam. This feature ensures that only authorized students can access the quiz by requiring permission to use the camera.

Here are a few screenshots of the proctoring plugin in use

Do you wish to verify your applicants when they are attempting exams?

Another problem with online recruitment is the lack of automation in verifying the applicant during an exam. This is solved using a face recognition service to validate the user’s images, potentially leading to ease in verifying user identity. The presence of a facial recognition service decreases the risk of unauthorized access or impersonation within the system and eliminates the need for human intervention. Our proctoring plugin seamlessly incorporates this feature and uses the Amazon Recognition or Brain Station Face Recognition service to validate user images. The plugin helps ensure stronger user validation through facial recognition, which could be compromised without its use. All you have to do is enter your credentials in the plugin’s settings to set up your preferred face-matching service. The screenshot below shows this feature in use.

The captured images can be analyzed using a visual system employing three distinct colors: green, yellow, and red. Green signifies successful validation of the face in the image, while yellow indicates the absence of any face detected. On the other hand, red signals the detection of a different individual within the picture.

Is maintaining the integrity of the recruitment process a primary concern for your organization?

Having a system to verify the applicant is not enough to completely prevent them from cheating during the recruitment exam. The applicant can possibly switch between tabs in the browser, copy and paste answers from external sources that you would never allow in an offline setting. The Proctoring Pro plugin is tailored to address this issue. It detects potential instances where students attempt to copy content from external sources, like websites or documents, during an online examination or assessment. It offers advanced monitoring tools that can identify actions such as switching browser tabs, resizing the screen, or attempting to access developer tools (F12 function). Additionally, this plugin empowers educators to create a transparent testing environment by providing detailed reports on each student’s quiz attempts. Furthermore, it streamlines the process by generating comprehensive summary reports with just a single click.

Moreover, the Moodle Proctoring Pro plugin is specifically crafted to prevent students from using secondary devices or additional screens while undertaking online exams or assessments. Its implementation aims to maintain a controlled testing atmosphere,

thereby significantly reducing the likelihood of cheating or seeking unauthorized assistance during tests.

Do you want to effortlessly create online interview slots and invitations?

Have you found yourself desiring to conduct online interviews within Moodle, only to encounter the arduous task of manually generating video links and scheduling time slots? Have you ever pondered whether there exists a simpler and more efficient way to handle this process consistently?

If these challenges resonate with your experience, then rejoice in the solution provided by our Moodle Interview plugin. This indispensable tool alleviates the very heart of this problem by effortlessly generating interview sessions. Gone are the days of manual creation; instead, you input your desired date range, time preferences, duration, and available days, as exemplified below. This seamless process not only eliminates the cumbersome task of individually setting up interviews but also ensures a streamlined and hassle-free experience for both interviewers and candidates alike.

Moodle Interview Plugins
Moodle Interview Plugin

Furthermore, our interview plugin not only facilitates slot creation but also automatically dispatches meeting invitations to applicants via their notification panel and email, ensuring seamless communication and scheduling.

Do you want enhanced user experience for your recruitment process?

Additionally, our Moodle interview plugin offers an effortless integration with Zoom, bridging the gap between you and your applicants with just a click. With this plugin, you can experience the convenience of a virtual meeting room seamlessly embedded within your web browser, eliminating the hassle of launching separate software. With this innovative feature, connecting for interviews becomes a seamless and streamlined process, enhancing efficiency and accessibility for both interviewers and candidates. You can witness the simplicity and effectiveness of this integration in the screenshot below.

Are you seeking a comprehensive feedback system that prioritizes both privacy and transparency between you and your applicants?

A recruitment system feels incomplete without any feedback between the interviewer and the interviewee. Without feedback after an interview, candidates may miss valuable insights into their performance and areas for improvement. Similarly, interviewers might not receive any input regarding the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, or suitability for the role. Feedback is crucial for candidates to understand why they might not have been selected or where they can enhance their skills. Without it, valuable learning opportunities for candidates to grow and improve could be lost. The absence of feedback may lead to prolonged recruitment cycles. Without understanding the reasons behind rejections or areas needing improvement, candidates may continue to make similar mistakes in subsequent interviews, leading to repeated rejections. Candidates value feedback as it demonstrates the employer’s interest in their growth. The absence of feedback might result in a negative candidate experience, potentially affecting the employer’s brand and reputation in the job market.

This is exactly where our Moodle Interview plugin shines. It uses a feedback form after the end of each interview that includes both internal and public feedback. This means that students get to only view the public feedback, while the internal feedback is hidden from them to ensure privacy. Privacy is also ensured, as students cannot see individual grades given by different teachers.

Additionally, the scores from each interview are seamlessly integrated into your Moodle gradebook, and you can effortlessly track and manage student performance with a centralized grading system.


The challenges of modern recruitment, with complexities in assessment, authentication, and fair evaluations, create obstacles for both employers and candidates. However, the Moodle Interview and Proctoring plugins offer a transformative solution. These plugins streamline the recruitment process, ensuring efficiency and integrity. With the Interview plugin, seamless creation of interview slots, integration with video conferencing, and a comprehensive feedback system enhance the user experience.

In summary, these plugins solve critical recruitment problems by ensuring secure monitoring, verification, integrity, efficient interview scheduling, an improved user experience, and a robust feedback mechanism, ultimately revolutionizing and simplifying the recruitment process for all stakeholders involved.


Brain Station 23 is focused on delivering tailored services to meet the unique needs and expectations of their clients.


Brain Station 23 is focused on delivering tailored services to meet the unique needs and expectations of their clients.