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Virtual Affairs (We Are You)

Service Provided: Insurance Platform, Website

Virtual Affairs (currently known as We Are You) is an international software and service company of more than 20 years of experience who are specialized in transforming digital channels for banks and insurance providers. They have flagship products like Insurance right, Banking Right and Investment Right.


Virtual Affairs (We Are You) thought to develop an online insurance platform for insurance companies which can make insurance providing easy for companies. We developed an online insurance purchasing platform for them along with an online insurance coverage claiming portal. Additionally, we developed an online portal (My Zone) for users to have a dashboard to get an overview of their bought insurance.


We developed such platform that supports multi-currency, multi-product and multi-label scenarios. Another core strength of the platform is the flexibility it provides to the marketer. The combination of the Sitecore customer experience platform and InsuranceRight enables the marketer to monitor performance and results, to optimize and enrich the website, introduce campaign sites, provide off-site funnels and perform A/B testing. The platforms supports multi-channel campaign management and enables personal and relevant communication with customers.

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