Case Study


Service Provided: On-demand Valet Parking App

Industry: Automobile

About the Company

‘Vallie’ is London’s first on-demand valet parking app to reduce people’s worry about finding a parking lot in London. In office hours it’s really an added mental stress whether you will be able to find a place for parking or not

Strategy/ Solution

From the idea of creating an iOS app and keeping the financial condition in mind Vallie founders outsourced the development project to us. To built a ‘Real Time app’ in an ‘automated engine’ we served the best developers. We ensured undistorted communication through Slack & for a great interaction occupied a Task manager


  • Real-time Application in IOS and Android
  • Location and car park status tracker
  • Placing order based on distance
  • Drop-off and return point direction updater
  • Cost of parking based on duration
  • Discount count with promo & referral code
  • Automatic billing using stripe payment
  • Order web booking from the browser
  • Bundle orders for corporate & restaurant
  • Real-time notification for non-technical users
  • Real-time SMS and email notification
  • Visual display of orders status on maps
  • Real-time position displaying of valet
  • Pre-assigned valet and car park from admin
  • Call center using twillo and our API
  • Customer service by chat and call from the app


  • Server
  • iOS App
  • Android App

Project Highlights

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