Case Study

British Telecom

Service Provided: Order Management Journey

British Telecom, also known as BT, performs their business through a customer faced website which allows its users to order various products and services. Therefore, we’ve designed customer-oriented web services for BT which covers their integral business activities and handles customers from the UK and Ireland.


We developed a customer facing website and portal for BT. The application receives huge orders each year and we helped BT to process their whole order journey. We used Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)- a comprehensive content management (CMS) tool for the large enterprise sector. We have helped BT Group with infrastructure and dev support.


We developed such a website through which 50 Million pounds worth order is placed for BT products and services each year. Also, we worked for processing the whole order journey for them.


  • Online bill pay
  • Access email
  • Track an order
  • Most popular products
  • Features of the month
  • Case study
  • Events for businesses and others
  • Products
  • Solutions
  • My account
  • Small business solutions
  • Corporate solutions
  • Business forums
  • Find local sales people
  • Contact sales and support


  • BT Business Website
  • Portal
  • AEM Integration

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