Case Study


Service Provided: Learning Management Solution (LMS)

Pondit is an online training institution for professionals. The goal of Pondit is to ensure that their learners are well qualified in the job market. Previously, they were using an inefficient online learning platform. Also absence of proper integration for online conferencing, causing users to login and use Zoom separately.


Previously, they were Using inefficient online learning platform & their online conferencing platform had no seamless integration; necessitating users to log in and utilize Zoom independently .


As a solution, we integrate Moodle learning management platform for IBA. We also integrate and customizing the BigBlueButton (an HTML5-based open-source application that enables teachers to engage and collaborate with their students online through chat, audio, video etc.) plugin to work within the LMS system.


Now the LMS users at Pondit are very happy to operate their online courses on a one single platform. The users are no longer required to use Zoom separately and make manual reports. By bringing all these processes under one platform, we created an efficient and intuitive LMS platform for Pondit.


Technology Used

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