Case Study

Pharmaceutical Company from Germany

Service Provided: LMS Solution

A renowned pharmaceutical company of Germany- enabling continuous education for those in the medical field to maintain competence and learn about new and developing areas. All their courses are based on an outline guided by internationally recognized syllabus & standards. They have a variety of content like video tutorials, quizzes, stepwise procedure guides, and other interactive presentations. Now they wanted to develop an LMS (Learning Management System) system for health care professionals in Germany. 


The pharmaceutical company wanted a single platform that would help HCP (Health Care Professional) with their learning.They wanted an independent video resume capability for their users, (Ex: See a portion of the video in laptop and resume it from mobile). At the same time, they wanted to restrict video forward and download option. They wanted a new policy in password that should be applicable for admin users only. They wanted to have Multifactor authentication with email for admin user login. They wanted to have a login Page that needs to have a teaser section where featured courses are shown. 


As a solution, we offered Moodle to create LMS and give training to HCPs (Health Care Professional) around the world. We have used Brightcove Video Player for restricting the skip/ forwarding option. We developed a custom plugin to enforce this custom password policy for admin users only. We have developed custom plugins for admin users to have Multifactor authentication in login with email. We also developed a custom plugin for showing teaser course tiles. 


The LMS system will host educational and training material for the HCPs as part of the business/medical strategy. We have built some custom plugins, Custom Authentication mechanism, and custom theme that made our solution more user friendly to the customer as well as the clients. It will provide the users with a seamless experience of the new platform. More HCPs will be interested in visiting the site and enrolling in the courses because of their variety of content. This will help to increase user engagement. Because of the paid courses their revenue will also be increased. 



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