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Bangladesh is one of the world’s fastest growing countries in IT industry right now. Our youths are the ones that changing the lifestyles and viewpoint of our society. While unemployment is hitting youths hard, outsourcing and freelancing have emerged with the changing outlook on empowering the youths.

Because of our banal education system we’ve raised in such a way that motivates us to more stable jobs & stable life rather than being more susceptible to take challenges for newest innovation. But the good thing is our social viewpoint is changing.

With the blessing of modern web and Internet access to the most part of the country, chances and opportunities have grown much. The government has been inspiring people to get more involved in freelancing jobs than sitting idle and wasting time thinking of fewer opportunities in the competitive physical job market.

Now our global stand in the IT industry beholds our quality services and expert freelancers working for a better future. Outsourcing in Bangladesh is now another source of incoming remittance.

Now you might become curious and want to know where to get tasks as a Bangladeshi freelancer or might want to know how to outsource tasks to others who are there ready to take the responsibilities. Let me shed some light on these points.

How Outsourcing work or to Get Works as Freelancers


Nowadays all businesses have crossed local boundaries. You can choose to hire and lend jobs over the geographical boundaries and increase more possibilities. Outsourcing to remote workers can provide great benefits for SMEs and also there are many competent individuals as well as companies who can be reliable sources to make sure the work’s getting done.

Besides, marketer and business owners from all over the world found the Outsourcing works from Bangladesh cheaper at the same time skillful and maintains global service standard.

According to BASIS (Bangladesh Association for Software and Information Services), there are more than 5.5 lacs freelancers from Bangladesh are working in through different freelance marketplaces.

These skilled freelancers are outsourcing their skills to the whole world and are also transforming skills They are creating a new hope for Bangladesh to stand among the other powerful tech-skill exporting countries.

There are many freelancing and crowd sourcing marketplace from where freelancers can easily start working and companies can find the people for outsourcing the work. For example to name a few there is-

    1. Freelancer- https://www.freelancer.com/ -who claims to be the “World’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace”.
    2. Upwork- https://www.upwork.com/ – whose tagline is “To connect businesses with great talent to work without limits.”
    3. Toptal- https://www.toptal.com/ – who claims to connect “The top 3% of freelance talent all over the world.”

And there are more freelance marketplaces like the above, where both freelancers and people who seek to outsource their expertise can get benefited. Daily earnings of Bangladeshi freelancers from different marketplaces crosses 10 million BDT per day in total. Internet outsourcing in Bangladesh is thus holding a bright future.

Works for Outsourcing Companies-

Outsourcing in Bangladesh and who are doing it?


There are many companies like Brain Station 23 who are providing services as software and mobile app development, AR and VR application development, Cloud and Cyber Solution for local and offshore clients.

Over the last few years, the volume of offshore software development projects from Bangladesh has almost doubled and it has been growing ever since.

More than 20,000 people are now working in developing solutions for offshore clients and the industry is evolving with the growing software companies in the country.

There are significant cost benefits of outsourcing services and developers from Bangladesh, comparing with other possible competitors in the market, like India, Sri Lanka, Singapore etc.

One of the reasons, of faster technological growth during the past decades in Bangladesh is the large number of enthusiast and skilled people adding the sum every year with strong remote communication skills.The number of globally standard exported software products is on the rise, especially in recent years.

Brain Station 23 – A pioneer In The Outsourcing Industry


Being the trendsetters for a prosperous development process, company culture and management we are proud to serve our diverse offshore clients meeting their market-specific needs.

Brain Station 23 now stands out as one of the top software companies in Bangladesh IT industry. We have been providing software services and solutions since 2006.

Over these years, more than 25 companies from various countries around the world have experienced our services expertise standards collaborating projects with us. We have won the prestigious BASIS best outsourcing award from 2013 to 2015 in a row.  Also won HSBC’s SME Exporter of the Year 2013 award.

There are other companies besides us who have been playing a significant role in IT outsourcing in Bangladesh and we are delighted to see the industry growing. Our developer team is ever growing with experience and fields of expertise.

Having a vision of becoming a Global IT giant based in Bangladesh, we strive for quality services as a model for future IT startups and freelancers.

We offer the best software services and outsource talented developers to fit any of your business projects. Learn more about our products and people or Contact Us for direct assistance.

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  1. Outsourcing is becoming popular day by day in Bangladesh. The young generation is very interested in outsourcing. And It is a great opportunity to work internationally. Thanks Farzana to discuss about outsourcing. We learned many things. We need it very much. Thanks once again.


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