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Online Car Insurance

Service Provided: Insurance Platform (Automobile)

Industry: Insurance

About the Company

We worked for a Slovakian Car Insurance Company being the development partner of –We are You (formally known as Virtual Affairs). We Are You  (Virtual Affairs) is a Dutch company who built fin-tech products and as their development partner we developed the InsuranceRight product. Afterwards a Slovakian client, a car insurance company reached to We Are You for the product and as the development partner of  We Are You (Virtual Affairs) we customized the InsuranceRight platform as an online portal to automate the whole insurance process for the customer. 


We customized the InsuranceRight platform with Sitecore CMS. And helped the client by creating an online car insurance portal which includes online purchasing, online insurance coverage claiming, etc. Users can get an overview of their bought insurances from the dashboard of the portal (MyZone). 


Insurance policies involves a lot of paperwork which most people consider a  time consuming process. Having the process digitally automated by an online portal, now this car insurance company can attract more consumers than ever. People can get insurance from their online portal  just by sitting at home, no need to visit physically. This automation increased 37% of their sales. 



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