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Olympic Industries Ltd.

Service Provided: HRMS Solution

Olympic Industries Limited was founded in June 1979 by Bengal Carbide Limited, a battery manufacturer. As they gained the trust of their consumers and witnessed changes in the battery industry, Olympic decided to diversify into products that could be a part of our consumers’ daily lives. Today they are the largest manufacturer of biscuits and confectionary in Bangladesh. 


Olympic needed a solution where they could manage all their HR functions in a systematic way.  Before their ERP implementation, all the HR processes performed manually with Excel and other systems. This has proven to be cumbersome for the enterprise and has been the source of a lot of discrepancies in their data. 


We used Odoo (Open-source ERP Solution) to develop the ERP solution for them as we have certified Odoo resources working on this platform. After the implementation, the users of Olympic can generate all kinds of required reports such as job reports, arrear reports, salary reports, leave encashment reports, gratuity reports and so on. Now users can access any kind of information with only a few clicks. Our HRMS product, which is based on Odoo, has automated the company’s resource management. By using this, HR managers/Officers/Admin can search and provide information without any manual intervention. HR managers can also be able to generate payslip , payslip batches, payment advice, salary report, can manage all employees leave request & approval, leave allocation with ease. Employees’ attendance can be monitored from external devices as well as manual inputs from the ERP itself. Now users can also manage employee expenses and monitor their KPIs. A solution to merge multiple pages of one PDF into one single page of one single document has been designed for increasing user friendliness in reporting.  


With this solution they have automated their HR functions. Therefore, the HR Manager can store all kinds of required information about an employee. Thus, this process accelerated and made their work faster with reduced paperwork in the most efficient and effective way. Now Olympic does not need to resort to manual inputs or management for their attendance & leave allocation– the HRMS has automated these functions. The employee management handles all the HR functions such as leave, payslip, bonus, job details and so forth under one platform. Olympic also has incorporated training management & canteen management system to their HRMS.  

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