Office picnic 2014


Brain Station-23 arranged Annual Picnic every year for spending a happy day with all employees and their families. This year Brain Staion-23 arranged annual picnic on 8thFebruary 2014. Brain Staion-23 has selected “Depali Resort” as picnic spot situated at Gazipur.

Like every year picnic bus starts from our office compound. This year we have started our journey at 9.00am. We have haired two buses one is for those employees who are came with families and another one is for single and unmarried employees, so that no one feels disturbed while making fun. This year 95person attended this picnic. We have reached the spot at 11.00am safely.

Rather than delicious breakfast and lunch we have arranged different types of games for different segment like Couple, Male, Female and children. We have arranged Balloon Shooting for all. We have set familiar games with some funny and new rules for making the games more interesting. This year we have arranged Egg Catch, Harry Potter Football, and Football between Married vs Unmarried and Pyramid Building games.

The main attraction in the picnic was the Swimming pool in the spot. In our city we hardly get opportunity to pass time in swimming pool with family. Brain Station-23 always try to give something special on picnic day to its employees.

We have arranged the prize giving ceremony for the winners at the end of day. We have always made our prize interesting. Unless and until the wrapping is open every employees are curious about the gift. Finally we left the picnic spot and drop our employees’ at the most convenient place of their houses.

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