Case Study

NRB Bazaar

Service Provided: AWS Cloud Services

NRB Bazar is a retail platform which provides different types of products through e-commerce websites. They have a product range from local to international. The platform is a sister venture of MARS Solutions Limited which aims to scale up in the future to provide quality service to the Bangladeshi customers & also introduce local products to the international marketplace. 


The client has a very ambitious goal to scale and introduce new services in order to become giant service provider in the future in their field but as the client’s business has grown, they have found that it was not possible with their single-tier non-scalable website system which can no longer keep up with the increasing demand. That is why they need a system which will suit their current needs, align with their future goals, and solve hit management problems so that they can serve their customers properly and efficiently. The client’s main aim was to reduce operational costs, improve customer satisfaction levels and achieve economies of scale so that they could compete with other big players in the market. But their non-scalable system was not able to provide them with the desired level of flexibility, agility, and scalability. So, they decided to go for a multi-tier scalable AWS cloud solution which would enable them to easily scale up or down according to their business demands without hampering the performance issue of their website.  


In order to address all the problems and make the future ventures of the client possible, a multi-tier scalable AWS architecture has been introduced to the system. The new system is hosted in a LINUX based system to utilize the AWS database migration service through MySQL. MySQL database cost optimization is used to save resources for present cloud web hosting and to utilize AWS Schema Conversion Tool to provide microservices for the current ecommerce platform. The system is now future proof without wasting resources. This will allow the client to focus on their core business and business goals without worrying about the technical aspects of their website while the system can take care of the rest. We have implemented AWS Schema Conversion Tool that will also help them to reduce the overall cost of ownership for the client. In addition, this new system will also be able to handle future growth and scale easily as needed. This is a major advantage over the old system, which was not designed for scalability or easy upgrades. As a result, this new system is a major improvement that will help the client save money and time and run their operations much more efficiently in the long run. 


AWS Services have helped them to stabilize their customer-facing online presence and increased customer retention because of solving the hit management issue. AWS has also increased their online selling capabilities, which has resulted in increased revenue. By using AWS database migration service (DMS) businesses have reduced the time and effort required to migrate their data. 


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