Case Study

Norwegian Bus Company

Service Provided: When test adaptivity becomes challenging for versatility of the product

Attacking the Tour Bus Industry in Europe by combining digitalization and a new operating model. The European Tour Bus Industry is a massive, digitally untapped and fragmented market. This startup is based on successful growth from the Norwegian market. A scalable digital platform to support the business idea is already developed.


The team worked on a software solution which was used by 10 different sister concern companies in 3 countries. Main problem was to maintain the white labels and huge data. Manual testing was near to impossible when common feature wase released for each white label. As this type of software solution has a huge number of stakeholders with both technical and non-technical experts. Before each release the main concern was also to ensure and clarify the test scope among all the stakeholders.

Our Approach

To solve this problem the QA team automated the testing procedure with different smoke test suites with Cucumber BDD framework and regression test suits. Which helped continuous testing for each feature added and let all the stakeholders know the test scopes.


This process comes with enormous improvement in maintaining the development and quality test timeline. The company vision is to provide topnotch quality and user experience for their developed software solutions in minimum timeline which are being achieved via this type great initiative and innovative process inclusion by different team.

Testing Tools

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