nopStation, the eCommerce entity of Brain Station 23 organized the  nopCommerce developers meetup of Bangladesh for the first time which recently took place in Dhaka on 10th December 2018. The event was very special not only because it was the first of its kind but the event was glorified by the presence of the nopCommerce platform founder and CEO  Andrei Mazulnitsyn.

nopCommerce is one of the most powerful and popular E-commerce platforms in the .net platform to serve all kind of E-Commerce services. Founded by Andrei Mazulnitsyn in  2008, now the platform has served over 17000+ clients worldwide with 50000+ websites, has 130+ solution partners,10 hosting partners and more than 20 technology partners in 40+ countries.

Andrei Mazulnitsyn was invited to Dhaka by Brain Station 23, a top Bangladeshi software development company and Gold partner of nopCommerce. He was invited to attend the first ever nopCommerce developers meetup of Bangladesh and inaugurate the event for the nopCommerce community of Bangladesh. The event took place at the Head office of Brain Station 23. More than 50 nopCommerce developers and nopCommere MVP’s from different organizations were invited to attend the meetup and share their experiences with Andrei.

The nopcommerce developers meetup event was hosted by Farzana Afrin Tisha ( Business Development Manager, Brain Station 23 ) and inaugurated by Mizanur Rahman ( Head of Global Business & Partner, Brain Station 23 ). Mizanur Rahman started the event by thanking Andrei for coming to Bangladesh and motivating the nopCommerce developers of this country by his humble presence. He also described how nopStation started their journey back in 2010 and how nopCommerce is getting popular among the eCommerce businesses and developers of Bangladesh as an eCommerce platform.

Andrei Mazulnitsyn started his speech by sharing his experience of visiting Bangladesh. Besides working for nopCommerce, Andrei is a travel blogger as well. He visits a new country every month all by himself or sometimes with his family and shares his travel videos on his Youtube vlog channel. He shared how he built the nopCommerce platform and how he started the company.

” I Started nopCommerce in 2008. The starting of nopCommerce was a funny story. In 2008 I was quite young and was dating my future wife. But I didn’t have much money to date and my job was not highly paid. Thus I decided to start my own business and took the decision to sell flowers online. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any proper online business building platform from where I could start my online business. The best existing platform was very much expensive. From this experience, I realized the necessity of an eCommerce platform where small and medium businesses can start their online business very easily.  Since I was a developer, I decided to build an e-commerce platform by myself that serves all kind of e-commerce businesses. This is how nopCommerce was built. After building the platform it got appreciated very much since it was open source. Though I was earning some money with this platform still it was less than my job salary. But seeing the future potential of this platform I decided to quit my job and give full time to nopCommerce.”

Andrei also shared the future plans how he wanted to grow the community and what are his future plans regarding nopCommerce.

“We have few plans for next 5-10 years. Already nopCommerce is very much popular as an eCommerce platform, But we have plans to make it the best eCommerce platform in the next 2-3 years. We are also planning to build an asp.net based Content management system. There are many existing content management systems but there is no asp.net based content management system. So we are looking forward to that. We are also planning to provide cloud service very soon. Since it’s a matter of complex technology and investment, we are planning it slowly. But we hope to market these products very easily using the thousands of members of our nop Community.”

Other than Andrei, Brain Station’s E-commerce team lead Nafiz Khan shared his experience regarding serving the local & global market, the nopCommerce developers and MVP’s shared their experience of working in this platform and gave suggestions for its improvement. They also asked questions to Andrei about how they can use nopCommerce more efficiently and cost-effectively. According to a  nopCommerce MVP, Minul Islam Sohel said- “ I had a dream that someday Andrei will visit Bangladesh and I will meet him, I knew he would come to Bangladesh one day but never imagined he will come this year. Meeting him was a big motivation.”

Andrei spent few hours with the developers and chatted with them. He also inaugurated the first nopCommerce community group of Bangladesh. Both Andrei and the developers had a great evening and created a strong bond among themselves which will help to take the nopCommerce platform forward in Bangladesh.

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Some pictures from the event.