Case Study


Service Provided: AR Mobile App

Industry: Automobile

About the Company

Nissan has a global Automobile business across several countries. Their products range from variety of categories and comes in numerous visual looks and features. A better digital presentation of their products was an urgent demand.

Strategy/ Solution

We offered an Augmented Reality mobile app as a solution of customizable digital presentation of their products. With our AR application, the user starts with a base model, then adds any number of personalized upgrades, colors until they arrive at their dream product. After the customization phase, the user switches to AR mode to view their creation at full size in the real world, providing a sense of scale and added confidence that the car in question is really what the customer wants.


Tanin has introduced a digitized enterprise process inside the company by ERP 23. Which has also made Tanin go fully automated and now they are holding faster communications and business decisions in the company.


  • Augment on Real time car
  • Augment real size car in real world
  • Change car color with smooth graphics
  • Change Car wheels in real time
  • Give interactive information from any parts of car
  • Give video information in real time
  • Change language to see any information
  • Virtual button to pop up any information


  • AR Mobile App

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