Nissan Driver's Guide Middle East


Nissan Motor Company, Ltd is one of the largest multinational automobile manufacturing company. Nissan has been passionate about creating innovative technologies and products in the spirit of “do what others don’t dare to do.” 

As a company worthy of trust, Nissan provides unique and innovative automotive products and services that deliver superior measurable values to all stakeholders.


  1. Augmented Reality Technology is used for instant car information.
  2. Multilingual Support provides instructions in both English and native Middle Eastern languages.
  3. Cloud-Based Configuration allows admins to configure data from the cloud.


  • Finding out necessary information from a printed user reference guide is both boring and tiresome. Most of the users find it tough because they are not familiar with the name of the vehicle parts.
  • Most car drivers are unaware of warning lights and warning messages displayed on the vehicle. It can cause serious damage to life.

  • Users were highly dependent on printed reference guide to solve emergency cases which cause wastage of time.

  • Car owners have to face a lot of hassle to find genuine car accessories & to locate nearby dealers.

  • Drivers with no prior knowledge of English face difficulties to have instant native language support.


  • The Nissan Driver’s Guide Middle East is an application based on augmented reality technology. It includes an electronic version of the printed quick reference guide that users can find in the vehicle’s glove box. It provides a brief overview of many important features of the vehicle, including instructions to follow if the vehicle has a flat tyre.

  • When the user wants detailed information about a particular button or switch, the user has to simply point the camera of the smartphone at that object or area containing the object. An interactive pop up appears on the screen of the phone and with a simple touch, the user is quickly provided with the required information. This technology interacts with 4 main areas of the vehicle: Centre Console, Steering Controls, Doors/Seats/Roof and Others.

  • The user can also learn about the descriptions of all the warning lights and warning messages displayed on the vehicle’s combination meter.

  • This feature supports a wide range of vehicles manufactured by Nissan. In case of emergency, this app can be used as an instruction guide with the technical steps to overcome the condition.

  • The user can locate nearby dealers based on the area from the app. Users can purchase Nissan genuine accessories as well.

  • It’s worth mentioning that all of the data shown in the app can be configured from a cloud server backend. It assures not only effective admin level maintenance but also a better user experience. Admin can also avail user analytics which provides an overall summary of the user trend.

  • Besides, this app contains a multilingual feature. It helps drivers and users to understand the instruction, guideline both in English and in their native language of the Middle East Countries.


  • Efficient Information Retrieval: Drivers can quickly access detailed information about their Nissan vehicles without the need for printed guides, improving their overall experience.

  • Enhanced Safety: Understanding warning lights and messages helps prevent potential vehicle issues, enhancing safety on the road.

  • Convenience and Accessibility: The app makes it easier to find genuine car accessories, locate nearby dealers, and receive support in multiple languages, simplifying the car ownership experience.


  • Improved User Experience: The app enhances user satisfaction by providing easy access to crucial vehicle information and support.

  • Enhanced Safety and Maintenance: Drivers are better equipped to address vehicle warnings and emergencies, reducing the risk of accidents and vehicle damage.

  • Streamlined Ownership: Car owners can easily find accessories and dealers, making car ownership in the Middle East more convenient and hassle-free.

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