The Ultimate Guide to Choose Moodle as your LMS Platform

I had been wondering for an extended time if there was additional to the offline educational system, since the worldwide COVID-19 hits first, it gave me the sensation that, though we board an exceedingly digital era, we are still not taking full advantage of it. Well, I accustomed be pleasantly surprised to appear out that there is an LMS called Moodle which could advance our learning experience and will also make it interesting. within the current situations, e-learning/LMS isn’t a luxury or add-on, it’s become the requirement. COVID-19 has been stimulating this requirement in many folds and Whenever there’s a discussion about e-learning or LMS, especially in open source, no other system is better than this Moodle.

During this lockdown, students are on the lookout for a seamless learning experience. Course providers/training companies want to coach their learners within the absolute best way. Hence, picking the right LMS for your institution/business is very important. But before you opt on the correct LMS, you wish to appear at some important considerations.

The lion’s share of e-learning goes to Moodle. But other LMS like Google Classroom, Canvas, Edmodo has become better with time. Either way, all of them are e-learning giants that are still evolving. you would like to work out the differences between them to determine what works best. you want to then double-check to determine if they fulfil your needs. this can facilitate your make an informed decision. First things first, you would like to test along with your list of requirements. Such an inventory always comes in handy. It makes the whole process simpler. Ensure you have got it ready for comparison. Now a question may arise in your mind, 

“Is the Moodle enough?”

Okay, now let’s discuss my answer with proper comparison and explanation.

Facts to Consider when choosing an LMS

To choose the best LMS for you and your business, you’ve to check these factors before buying it.

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Why to choose Moodle

With the web and SaaS poised to overthrow several antique models of doing things (especially where training is concerned), we’ve seen rapidly increase the competition, where once any given niche only had one dominant label going. In CRM, we saw the sovereignty of Salesforce.com over all who would oppose them, and in training, we saw Moodle sit at the height of the mountain, looking down from on high. But, this isn’t the identical world of some years ago, and now all of the kings must defend their castles. Among its applauded features may well be a customisable wiki system, forums, resource indexes, and multimedia course models which will be completely reshaped counting on the style and materials the trainer wishes to use. All the while, grades are automatically tallied, tracked and logged yet. These grading systems can also be customised, meaning that traditional oppressive letter grades aren’t necessarily binding. Moodle, of course, wasn’t the first thing of this basic type, that title belonging to Blackboard (currently in version nine, and absurdly expensive), but it over defined the LMS as we currently perceive it. So, anything competing with Moodle possesses to fulfil its standards while exceeding them in some way.

Moodle may be a Generic LMS, focused on core features that provide the entire capability for a web education process. All the features that are directly related to the learner and educator. It also matches digital education standards and there are numerous add-ons which will be directly plugged in and prepared to use. It encourages both synchronous (with an add-on) and asynchronous learning ( with Built-In capability).

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Moodle vs. Google Classroom vs. Canvas

OverviewMoodle & Canvas provides open-source solution. Whereas, Google Classroom is part of the G Suite for Education.

Deployment: Moodle & Canvas offers both, on-premise & cloud-based deployment. But Google Classroom is only a cloud-based LMS

International Market Share: 

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Platform Content:

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Platform Functionality:

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Moodle: Enough for all or not?

No, Moodle isn’t sufficient for all sort of requirement. Moodle is nice in an environment where the first requirement is learner and activity, but, if you’ve got other requirements with moodle, you need to select a custom-tailored solution which will address your needs. That may sort your educational requirements. Similar to how one shoe can’t suitable for all, even one shoe cannot fit to one person in the slightest degree stage of his/her life. You can walk on shoes that is not okay for you, but you will not be able to run with those. This is where you need to have a reconsideration about LMS choosing.


Well, Moodle is meant for every scale. As there are different system of education worldwide, so there are different needs as well. The common thing among these different models is learner, educator, and learning. However, different stakeholders in numerous domains with a distinct style of needs also play a significant role in learnings. This is often why Moodle is good but yes it doesn’t fit all as I said earlier. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The one that best satisfies your needs is that the perfect LMS for you, regardless of whether it’s Moodle or Canvas or Classroom. What might be good for me might not be good for you? So, work out what you would like on your e-learning website before you’re taking a call. Be wise!

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