Microsoft Technical Lead MJ Ferdous, New COO of Brain Station 23

Brain Station 23 is pleased to announce the appointment of MJ Ferdous as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO), who officially starts with the organization on Sunday, April 1st. To Brain Station 23 community consisting of customers, colleagues, and industry friends,  it’s a remarkable announcement indeed.

MJ Ferdous is an accomplished executive and industry savvy with nearly 15 years’ experience. He brings with him extensive insight on large scale operations and a great mix of leadership, inspiration, operational experience, technical excellence, and passion for customer care.

Most recently, MJ Ferdous served as Technical Lead at Microsoft Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Laos. Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked 4+ years as Software Architect at BrainStation-23. So, it is easy for him to fine-tune the organization culture and environment.

Brain Station 23 is a 160+ people software development company in Bangladesh, working since 2006, providing bespoke solutions across the responsive Mobile app, Web application, E-commerce & Enterprise Solutions and Cloud/SaaS-based solution. Brain station 23 is now a global name which has spread out to Europe, North America and the Middle East all along. Its goal is to make the largest software and IT company in Bangladesh.

MJ Ferdous’s appointment is absolutely aligned with the current state of the company: ready to take on the future and fired up after another strong year of growth and successful customers. The enormous opportunity that lies ahead for Brain Station 23, might be captured with the help of MJ Ferdous’s extensive experience, excellence and professionalism.

Commenting on the appointment of new COO MJ Ferdous, CEO Raisul Kabir added:

“I am thrilled that MJ Ferdous will be joining our team. I am highly confident that, together with the team, we will reach the milestones we have set and establish Brain Station 23 as a leading player in the market. Together we will attain our organization goal and ensure customer satisfaction.”

Brain Station 23 is confident enough for a major expansion in the local and global market. Obviously, MJ Ferdous’s unique experience in Microsoft Technical Lead will help to make it easy for Brain Station 23. Now it’s time to watch over the success story of the organization under his direction.

Welcome, MJ Ferdous to the Brain Station 23 Family!

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