Enhancing Maritime Safety Education with Customized LMS Solution

Organizations dedicated to safety education and diverse learner needs can use the potential of online education platforms. These platforms offer real-time adaptation to evolving safety regulations, ensuring learners have up-to-date information, and foster communities that enhance learning.  

Explore this case study where a charity organization transformed maritime safety education with a tailored online approach for substantial benefits. 

In the changing world of maritime safety, a renowned charity organization dedicated to aiding coastal communities acknowledged the necessity of a robust Learning Management System (LMS).  

Their objective was to establish an interactive platform for sea area casualty rescue management education, catering to diverse user roles, customized certification, and seamless integration with platforms like Azure Active Directory and Sjøliv. The LMS would empower their mission to spread safety awareness and prepare communities for maritime emergencies. 


  1. A charity organization overcame challenges in maritime safety education with a tailored Learning Management System (LMS), addressing customization, user access, and engagement needs.                  
  2. We provided LMS solution, implemented on Moodle and Azure cloud; it offered custom certifications, easy access, and interactive learning experiences.                                                                                                            
  3. The organization witnessed improved scalability, and continuous learning journeys for a user base up to 10,000+.  


The organization faced several challenges in implementing an effective LMS solution: 

  • Customization Needs: Their goal was to provide customizable certification activities for guests, paid users, and internal staff, ensuring tailored recognition for course completion. 
  • User Access Management: The LMS is needed to efficiently manage diverse user roles and restrict course access based on individual profiles, delivering a secure and personalized learning experience. 
  • Integration Complexity: Seamless integration with Azure Active Directory and Sjøliv, including Single Sign-On functionality, was crucial for user authentication and authorization. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: The organization wanted an interactive course format and a feedback mechanism from third-party websites to make the learning experience more dynamic and participatory. 


To address these challenges, we implemented a tailored solution using Moodle, hosted on Azure cloud: 

  • Custom Certification Activities: We developed customizable certification activities for guests and internal users, ensuring everyone received appropriate recognition upon course completion. 
  • Role and Cohort-Based Access: Role and cohort-based access management was implemented, synchronizing users under specific cohorts and assigning corresponding roles to restrict course views category-wise. 
  • Integration and Authentication: We developed custom authentication methods based on auth2 for seamless Moodle access from Sjøliv (map-based app) Single Sign-On (SSO) integration using SAML 2.0(users to authenticate once and access multiple systems by verifying their credentials.) was implemented, eliminating the need for internal users to re-enter credentials. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: We integrated interactive course formats, specifically HNS (Hazardous and Noxious substances), directly into the learning materials, enhancing engagement and interactivity. Additionally, we introduced a feedback mechanism from third-party websites, empowering internal users to provide valuable insights, thereby enriching their learning experience. 


The implemented LMS solution had a profound impact on the organization: 

  • Enhanced Scalability and Performance to support larger user base: The platform’s effortless scalability and robust performance accommodate a growing user base without compromising efficiency. With the ability to support over 10,000 users, learners experience smooth, lag-free interactions. 
  • Easy Access Management for User Convenience: By integrating seamlessly with Azure Active Directory and Sjøliv, alongside Single Sign-On functionality, the platform simplifies user access. This approach eliminates unnecessary hurdles, allowing users to focus solely on learning, making the learning process more enjoyable. 
  • Uninterrupted Learning Journeys through Smooth Data Transition: Seamless migration of user data, courses, and completion records ensures learners experience a continuous educational journey. Keeping their progress guarantees a smooth transition, allowing users to pick up right where they left off. 
  • Engaging Learning Experiences Boost Student Participation: Tailored custom plugins and interactive course formats create engaging learning experiences. Users actively participate, interact, and immerse themselves in the content, leading to better retention and understanding. This engagement fosters a learning community where users share experiences, and creates a dynamic, interactive learning environment. 

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