Garments Automation


Enhancing Collaboration & Preventing Material Wastage through Reality Technology

Advancements in technology are changing the way garments are manufactured. One such technology is the use of 3D garment simulators, which have the potential to reduce product development time and prevent material wastage.

We collaborated with a well-renowned international apparel company that focuses on sustainable fashion; we provided the garment simulator solution that could streamline their design process, eliminate communication gap between different teams and save time spent on making samples. 


  1. A well-renowned apparel company teamed up with Brain Station 23 to simplify its manufacturing processes and a smooth association between teams.
  2. The software application efficiently converted 3D patterns into 2D patterns, allowing seamless collaboration between the design and stitching teams.
  3. The ability to modify garment properties and preview 2D patterns in real-time helped to streamline the design process, saving time and resources.


Brain Station 23 team was recently approached by a textile company that was experiencing a communication gap between their designers and stitching team, which resulted in material wastage. The issue led to material wastage and affected both the company’s profitability and the environment.

To address this issue, the company was looking for a platform or tool that could convert 3D pattern dresses into 2D patterns and enable seamless collaboration between the design and stitching teams. The designer team used platforms that made their design work into 3D patterns, which often created confusion for the stitching team. The stitch team had difficulty understanding the designer’s expectations, resulting in repeated alternations and delays in product delivery.

They envisioned an application that would enable designers to export their custom designs based on the expected measurements and shapes into 2D patterns. Their goal was to prevent material wastage, increase production speed, and deliver customized products to their clients efficiently.