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Machine Learning & AI

Smart Health App for Smart City

A healthy body leads to healthy way of living. This blog will guide you on how a smart health app can help you to transform the health and fitness industry in order to make a smarter and healthier city life.

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Machine Learning & AI

AI Chatbot for eLearning Experience

AI Chatbot have progressed greatly in area of eLearning. This article focuses on how artificial intelligence enhancing eLearning environment.


The Rise of AI Chatbot

Chatbots have evolved how companies can serve their customers. And with the advancements of AI, we will see how AI chatbots are being implemented and evolving for the future.

Machine Learning & AI

Trends in Web Development | 2019

Smart developers look ahead of their time and adapt to the ever-changing world of development trends. Read to find out what you should consider to adapt…


Machine Learning for Beginners- Part 2

Machine learning is the most trending topic in the information technology sector. This technology allows computers to access hidden insights and predict outcomes which leads to remarkable changes to businesses. In my last article, I tried to draw a basic outline of machine learning concept. In this article, I’ve discussed different types of machine learning techniques and some use cases as promised earlier.