How AI Changing the Legal Service’s Landscape


For years, traditional legal processes have struggled with inefficiencies, high costs, and barriers to innovation. Recognizing the need for change, ‘Legal AI Contract’ started the mission of revolutionizing the legal service industry using AI.

While many organizations hesitate to embrace this change, clinging to outdated practices due to convention, ‘Legal AI Contract’ aimed to reform the way legal processes are being handled by streamlining the contract creation process, making it faster, easier, and more cost-effective for SMEs. They wanted to develop a platform that automates the process of creating, reviewing, and sharing contracts.

With the belief that legal technology should be accessible to all businesses, not just large corporations with big legal budgets. To help small businesses benefit from AI-powered efficient, accurate, and automated contract management.


  1. Legal AI Contract’ decided to reform the legal contract-creating process. Transitioning from manual, time-consuming methods to streamlined, AI-powered solutions.
  2. The AI-powered platform simplified the contract-creating, reviewing, and sharing process for various documents like NDAs, Employment Contracts, Directors Contracts, Services & Consultancy, Board and Shareholders, and Website Documents.
  3. After the launch of the platform ‘Legal AI Contract’, their clients have experienced 71% improvements in efficient contract making and, a 50% reduction in cost with minimum to no errors.


Legal AI Contract’ teamed up with Brain Station 23 to develop an innovative platform that would automate legal processes, enhance efficiency, and provide.

user experiences for clients navigating the contact-creating journey. Based on the challenges faced by the “Legal AI Contract”, Brain Station 23 partnered to work on transformation.

  • To integrate AI technology into the platform to automate the contract creation process with accuracy.
  • A user-friendly interface to simplify the contract-making and sharing process for clients, with ease of use.
  • Ensuring that contracts generated through the platform adhered to legal standards and contained authentic clauses.
  • A reliable tool to review contracts for errors and ensure accuracy before finalization.


In response to the challenges faced by the “Legal AI Contract”, Brain Station 23 developed a comprehensive solution leveraging AI technology. The platform incorporated a range of innovative features designed to address the specific needs and objectives of “Legal AI Contract”.

Key Features:

1. AI-Powered Contract Creation: Brain Station 23 implemented an AI-powered contract creation feature, allowing users to effortlessly generate a variety of contracts by simply providing relevant information in a chat-like format. It eliminates the need for complex forms or manual data entry.

Users can conversationally interact with the AI system, inputting details such as contract terms, parties involved, and specific clauses with ease. Moreover, as users input information, they can instantly visualize the contract taking shape through a dynamic preview feature. This real-time preview allows users to review and edit the contract as it progresses, ensuring accuracy and customization to their specific needs.

2. Intuitive User Interface: The platform featured a user-friendly interface designed to simplify the user journey, enhancing accessibility. Featuring intuitive dashboards, users have quick access to key metrics such as the number of contracts created, reviewed, etc. 

Additionally, the interface offers easy access to share completed contracts directly from the platform via email. With just a few clicks, users can easily distribute finalized contracts to relevant parties, streamlining communication and expediting the contract approval process.

3. Automated Contract Review: Brain Station 23 integrated AI tools for conducting legal compliance checks, ensuring that contracts generated through the platform adhered to regulatory standards and contained authentic clauses. Users can upload any contract or previously made contract, the automated contract reviewer will identify and address errors or inconsistencies, improving the accuracy and reliability of the final contracts.

4. Interactive Chatbot: The interactive chatbot is a virtual assistant for clients, providing real-time support and guidance throughout the contract-making process. With the chatbot, users can ask questions about legal procedures, seek clarification on specific clauses, compliance requirements, and best practices, or request guidance on navigating complex legal matters.


After the launch of the platform “Legal AI Contract”, their user has experienced 71% improvements in efficiency contract making with 50% cost savings. Tasks that once took hours to complete can now be accomplished in minutes

Moreover, the platform’s focus on accuracy and compliance has helped mitigate risks and enhance the quality of contracts, bolstering Legal AI Contract’s reputation as a trusted legal partner. 

One of their Client reviews was:-

‘’We have been using Legal AI Contract for several months now and it’s been a great way for us to prepare high-quality legal contracts in a very efficient and affordable manner. We would highly recommend it to any SME looking to improve the way they document their legal relationships.’’

With the platform’s success paving the way for future growth and expansion, Legal AI Contract is poised to continue leading the way in revolutionizing the legal service industry.

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